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"Dreams Always Come True". Fang/Max

Everyone has a dream, Iggy wants to be able to see, Nudge wants parents, but most importantly, Fang wants Max to know how much he loves her. Everyone's dreams are coming true. What about Fang? [MaxFang]


"A Matter of Perspective".

It's the little things that make all the difference, that tie a family together with unbreakable knots. No romance, just good family warm-fuzzies.



"Elevator Escapade". Iggy/Ella.

Sometimes, being stuck in the elevator with a strange man isn't that bad. "MAAAAAAX! Help! I'm trapped in the lift with this really cute guy!"


"Gravity". Fang/Max.

The open sky sealed itself, looking not like a depthless sea but an impenetrable wall, falling, pressing down on me. I wanted to fly up there with a blunt object and shatter it.


"Slightly Blinded". Max/Iggy.

One-shot. Max/Iggy. Max and Fang get into an argument and who's there for her to talk to? You guessed it, Iggy! T-Just becuause I'm paranoid.

Alone and Lost

"Let Go". Fang/Max

AU Fax She’s always dreamed of flying… no matter how many times reality pulled her back. But will a boy from a different world teach her otherwise?


"Invidia: The Unwind Experiment".

When Fang and Iggy are kidnapped by a mad scientist, Max is caught up in a race against time; not only to free them, but to escape with her own life. There will be horrors, there will be heartbreak, and nothing's as it seems. -WARNING: traumatic scenes-


"Eraser Arc". Max II/Ari, Fang/Max, Fang/Iggy, Fang/Ari.

A possibly multipart story about Ari and the Erasers, the shadow children of MaxRide. [AriMaxII, AriOC, OCOC, Fax, Fari, Figgy]


"Just Try".

The Flock is livin' it up. They're staying with Dr. Martinez and they haven't been attacked in over three months. Then the unthinkable happens and Iggy is gone. Now the bird kids are left to cope- but will they ever get better? Character death, R&R!

Armageddon Child

"The Riddlyr".

I am the beginning. I am the end. I am every drop of blood you've ever split, every child you've ever killed, every soul you've ever damned... see inside for full introduction


"A Shot at Love with Fang".

Are you searching for love in all the wrong places? Well look no further, if you’re a gay man or a straight girl between 18 and 25 with a history of alcoholism, mental illness and an interest in appearing on MTV you could win a spot on AShotAtLoveWithFang

"Blackbird". Fang/Iggy.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly. You were only waiting for this moment to arrive. Iggy misses his blackbird. [Slash. Oneshot. Possibly two.]

"Christmas in Florida". Fang/Iggy.

[Late Christmasy Story.] Iggy can't sleep, so Fang decides to entertain his insomnia a little bit. Cuteness ensues.

"Contrasts". Fang/Iggy.

[SEQUEL TO THEN AND NOW] A series of drabbles explaining life in Georgia for the Flock. Contains slash.

"Getting Better". Fang/Iggy, Fang/Max.

Fang's world is caving in. Divorce. Depression. Drinking. Max can't help him, but maybe Iggy can. FangIggy slash. Follows Not Hers, Anymore

"Lucky Girl". Max/Nudge.

[TheSummoingDark's Happy Birthday Prezzie.]'Well, I’m sure she’s a very lucky girl.' Max says as Nudge comes to a revelation about her sexuality, though she’s surprised when she finds out who the lucky girl is. [FEMMESLASH.]

"Not Hers, Anymore". Fang/Max, Fang/Iggy.

Fang and Max's failed marriage hits a low point, and when Fang tries to escape, he finds solace in an old friend. [Implied FangIggy, Onesided MaxFang, OneShot, AU. PROLOGUE TO GETTING BETTER.]

"On Letting Go". Fang/Iggy.

It's been nineteen years of happiness, and Fang's still willing to give that up for one more shot, but Iggy's waiting at death's doorstep and he's not sure if there's time left... [Slash. Character death.]

"Shotgun Wedding". Fang/Iggy.

Iggy can't go on, and Fang can't go on without Iggy. [Oneshot. Slash. Suicide warning in effect.]

"Take Me Over".

Ch.10 Fang suffers an unfortunate accident, whilst the Flock does their best to move on. Note: This story has been abandoned, but I will put up the rest of what I have written anyways.

"The Experiments".

Maximum Ride, the band! [Parody.]

"The Feeling". Fang/Iggy.

Iggy likes the feeling of Fang... [Slash. Drabble.]

"The Highly Offensive Crossover Parody". [Rated M] [Crossover - Harry Potter]

A highly offensive crossover parody between MR and HP, including impossible parodies, Mary Sues, and probably some nonsense mpreg too.

"The Meeting". [Crossover - Harry Potter]

The Meeting of two great forces... [HarryPotterxMaximum Ride Crossover fic. Humor.]

"Then and Now". Fang/Iggy.

Fang and Iggy were best friends once upon a time, but as they grew up they grew apart. Now, on the verge of adulthood they find themselves growing closer than ever, if fate doesn't tear them apart. FangIggy. No SOF. DONE.

"When Everything Goes Wrong". Fang/Iggy.

Fang and Iggy only have each other. [Slash.]

"When We Two Are Parted". Fang/Iggy.

After Iggy dies, Fang has regrets. [Oneshot, Character death, Slight slash]

"Your Guardian Angel". Fang/Iggy.

Iggy has a guardian angel, and his name is Fang. [SLASH.]


"When Fan Girls Attack!".

When stopping for the night, Max and the gang run into rabid fangirls! Oneshot. ParodyHumor


"Angel and the Fledges".


"Big Sky".


"Senior Prank Week".

Based on an RP me and some friends are doing! If you want in on the RP send me a PM.

"The Price Is Ride".

She's saved the world, but now she has to save one of her own from something infinately more evil ... A game show.

"The Wings of Wrath".

The World’s Longest FanFic EVER. Has literally been called an ‘Epic’. SUMMARIES inside…


"Erasers on the Beach. Fang/Max.

Ever wonder what Fang was thinking about when he was fighting Ari on the beach? This takes place in MR: The Angel experiment. It's in Fang's POV when he and Ari duke it out on the beach and the kiss scene. Light Faxness oneshot.



"Blindness Doesn't Matter". Iggy/Ella.

There were many things Iggy couldn't do. There were many things he could do. But blindness or no blindness couldn't stop the feelings he had around Ella. He was in love.

"Guy Bonding Fest".

Iggy decides to have a chat with Fang. About Max.


"Maximum Ride, Listen to Me"

It's just a short little poem...


"Can't Cry". [Rated M] [Content warning: self-harm]

The flock has escaped, again, into what seem like peaceful waters... or skies. But the new and improved Ari has injured Fang, Who is now facing something terrible, physically, mentally, and emotionally. WARNING: gore, selfmutilation, disturbing images.

Bianca McCartney

"Biggest fool". Fang/Max.

One night Max tried to tell Fang how she felt but it didn't go as planned. this starts as a Song fic but will turn into a normal chapter fic. I hope you enjoy! Please R&R. FAX!


"The Freed". Gazzy/Nudge.

This is the story of those who were freed, and it's not going well. After a month of relative calm the kids freed at the end of the first book are about to have to best or worst time of their lives. But after the lab it can only get better, right?



A Gazudge oneshot for Ani. : 'cause she won't stop bugging me until I have this posted. Please read and review! done all by my lonesome W007!Thanks bunches,T3h Fang


"Kids:Wow,Didn't see that coming!". Nudge/Iggy.

i've been reading a lot of stories bout the couples, and i havent found one like this, so im witing one. Nudge and Iggy get some very unexpected surprises...really good Niggy story. I know if you read it' you'll like it!


"Intensity Relived a Conquest of Love". Fang/Max.

He was moving closer to her now, his eye’s began to close and with a sudden realization, Fang was kissing her and she was kissing him back. FAX People! REVIEW!


"If Anything Goes Wrong, Kill me". Fang/Max.

deranged scientists? flying refrigerators? attacks everyday? no biggie. not a problem for Max. but high school romance and avian-human hotties? HUGE problem. FAX, NAX, MIGGY, NAZZY. rewriting in progress XP


"A Mother's Love".

The parent's POV to how the Flock became what they are today [nominated and winner of Maximum Fanfiction Awards: Suspense]


"Co Ed Shopping".

“What? There’s nothing left. I want to go,” Iggy whined."What else could there be?" “Feminine hygiene,” Max informed him. Iggy stopped dead. Shopping with Max can be traumatizing. Poor Iggy never saw it coming. Participant in Day of Anti-Hardwicke.


"Hiding Inside".

When frusteration and depression gets to much to handle, Iggy finds only one way to release the pressure. This can only really be described as dangerous...for himself. -if you have a problem with self-injury, cutting or are easily triggered, dont read-


"Love Sick". Iggy/Ella, Fang/Max.

Iggy just wants to fall in love with Ella. But annoying flock members, evil scientists, and the fact that he's blind makes that kinda hard to happen. REALLY funny and easy to read! Very lovable. EGGY, FAX, LLAMAS. Yes. Llamas. :o


"Mistakes Unmade". Fang/Max.

Set about four years after MR3. Max goes into near depression without her best friend, basically. Been working on it for a while and finally decided to post. Still writing. First time posting story, but not first fan fic. Enjoy and review, please.



"Impress Me".

Maybe the threat was an empty one, a bluff to get me moving...but considering what was at stake, I couldn't afford to indulge in that hope. Discontinued.


"Blind". Iggy/Ari.

His pictures might be so distorted that they did not come close to matching up to the world as the rest of his flock saw it, but they worked well enough for him.' Iggy's lack of eyesight makes it so much easier to do some things. SLASH, high T.


“Like the past, I know my dreams can’t be changed.” The whole thing started with Max’s dreams, and she longs to end it. Memories of Jeb drive her crazy until she can’t contain herself. Continuation of the Love series; not in chronological order.


What was life like for the flock before Jeb saved them from the school? This is Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel before they escaped for the first time, and the story of their escape.

"Familiarity". Fang/Omega.

Is it only opposites that attract? A short story in two parts. Contains SLASH and a weird ship, and rated accordingly.

"Fourth and Freemont". Fang/Max.

Written for the FanFiction Flock challenge over at . Max and flock are on the run in the middle of winter and are looking for a place to stay. If you have to call a pairing, it’d be slight Fax. As in, extremely slight. Hardly any. Oneshot; complete.

"From the Ivory Tower".

Max finally learns the truth about who she is and why she was made. Multiple interpretations possible.

"G Spot". Jeb Batchelder/Roland ter Borcht. [Rated M]

This is science, not emotion." Jeb is determined to finish his work in the lab, no matter how late it is. Roland has other ideas for him. ter Borcht/Jeb slash, rated M for a reason.


Summary to Love. Fang finds out why Max is so reluctant to let anyone close to her and *gasp* shares his feelings. Okay, he only shares them with himself, but it's a start, right?


Ari expands on his plan for Max's capture during book 2. Please crit!


A short piece about Max after Jeb left them. Oneshot, complete.

"Mirror Image".

Pre-MAX. While being held captive by the Uber-Director, Max engages him in conversation and picks up absolutely nothing. Complete.

"New World".

AU-Ms. Janssen is the leader of the New World, and things have changed so much since the old days. Omega talks about what life was and what it means. Rated T because it's probably going to have bad language/slightly naughty things.

"Three Ships". Max/Angel, Marian Janssen/Mara. [Rated M]

The story of three non-canon pairings of Maximum Ride Characters. Femmeslash. Second is MaraxMarian


The third part in the ever-growing saga started by Love. Jeb knows that he wasn't always the model of perfection, but is perfection too much to ask? Rated a high T for some extreme..extremeness. You know what I mean if you read the others. Please crit!


"A Silent Voice".

I bet you think its all going to end happily ever after. There will be no more hybrids, and if there will be, they'll all be content and secretive. You're wrong. Hybrids crowd the world like Hitler's perfect race. But me? I'm not what they call normal...


Like there was ever a chance in hell they'd survive a recreational trek through /that/ wilderness.

"Broken Again". Max II/Ari.

Nobody notices how I fall without wings. Maxclone.Ari. Drabble

"Iggy goes to Walmart".

...and discovers that blindless does indeed have its downsides. MR2 crack, you have been warned.

"Survivor's Guilt".

By herself, in the outback, sits a girl.

"The Past".

Max's dead. Itex has vanished from thin air. Now everyone else must learn to move on. But many find themselves still stuck in the past..


"Ignition". Fang/Max.

In which Iggy decides that he needs to learn to drive. Pyrotechnics, injuries, and activities of questionable legality ensue. Oneshot, minor Fax.


"Over the Brink Of Insanity".

Ever think the world of Ride was a little fishy? Here's why. Enjoy!



"The Long Way Home". Fang/Max.

DISCONTINUED Hmm... This story's crap. It's generic and ADD and just generally bad writing on my part. So, I guess, read if you want, but don't blame me if you don't like the way it is.


"Uninvincible". Fang/Max.

Another adventure for Max and the flock. MaxFang

DZAuthor AKA DZMom

"Fang's Fantasy". Fang/Max.

HALF SHOT What Max and Fang might experience if he wasn't such a strong and silent type. Includes Max's thoughts on the progression of a physical relationship. This didn't fit in the story Unheeded Warning but it does flow out of that storyline.

"Forget the Past". Fang/Iggy. [Rated M]

Fang narrates his experience after Jeb has abandoned them at the E-shaped house. This is meant to be an epic fiction progressing through all the series, but not touching on each and every scene described in MR. The characters will age past the MR canon.

"It's Miggy Time: Wing Man". Max/Iggy.

Miggy ONE SHOT. Max POV. This is a little piece that I posted on Max-Dan-Wiz. Rated Teen for kissing. Takes place after FANG the novel. Max has rejected Dylan's advances and is trying to forget that Fang left her.

"Max Gets Preened". Fang/Max.

NOT EVEN A FULL SHOT. Max finds out what it is like to be preened. This is inspired by Unheeded Warning but does not fit that story's progression. Fans of that story will now know why the Flock will never have a group grooming session.


Z's Slashtest" contest entry. Slash. Oneshot. Characters mentioned by Ella in TAE: Dwayne was with Jose "& them" when Max saw Ella being fronted by 3 boys. Ella was angry that Jose had beaten up Ortiz.

"The Harmonica". Roland ter Borcht/Fang.

This is a "slash" between ter Borcht and Fang, from the voice of the whitecoat himself. It builds from the scene where ter Borcht questions Fang if he has any other abilities. Fang responds that besides his good fashion sense, he plays a mean harmonica.

"Unheeded Warning: Synergy". Fang/Max.

IN PROGRESS. The Flock faces danger while Max faces her worst enemy. Who can she trust? Does anyone ever tell her the truth? What really happened after The Final Warning? Rated Teen for Limes - non-explicit sexual activity - and violence. AUDIO - SEE CH 1


eclipsed heart

"If Only".

Seven years ago, a terrible battle involving the flock played out in a forlorn forest clearing. But what really happened on that day can only be told by revisiting the bloody past and unlocking the secrets of the flock's sole surviving member...

"Maximum Ride: The After Years". Fang/Max.

Ten years ago, the world was saved and the flock split up, all contact lost. Now where are they? What happens when they reunite? Forgiveness is needed, romance is a must, and keeping everyone together when grudges threaten unity is priority. Gotta be FAX!

Edna Baudelaire

"What Kind of Fairy Tale is This?".

Normal fairy tales don't have blind mutant bird kids...until now. IggyxOC. What happens when Iggy gets separated from the flock and meets a new "friend"? Humorous Romance fic. Enjoy :D


"40 Harsh Things Max Could Say to a Naked Fang". Fang/Max. [Rated M]

Just a little list of things Max might say to Fang if he didn't measure up. HumorParody Oneshot Faxy

"A Little Advice". Fang/Max.

Fang needs some help expressing his feelings. Who comes to the rescue? Total of course! Oneshot Fax OOC

"Grounded Angels". Fang/Max.

Chapter 98 in TAE. What was going on in Fang's head while the others prayed? Are they truly God's Grounded Angels? Oneshot Faxy

"Guidelines to Writing a Good Maximum Ride FanFic".

So you want to write a MaxRide fic. But how to start? How can you avoid being terribly clichéd? How can you avoid getting flamed? All this and more in the complete guide to writing. Finally complete

"Happy Pony Rainbow Land Regains Their King".

This is all based on a banner I used to have on the Maximum Ride message boards. Fang suddenly begins to smile when these winged munchkins come to take him back to his kingdom. Can he battle the happiness? Hilariousity ensues. Parody Oneshot

"It All Started With Troy". Fang/Max.

When Nudge forces the Flock to watch High School Musical 2, sparks fly during a heated debate about the main character, Troy. Just how will it end? Pointless fluff. Fax Oneshot

"Jack Saves the World".

Written for a friend Max suddenly pops out of her book, deciding to give the lovestruck Jack a chance. Jack helps her overcome her hormones and save the world. Jax Pairing ONESHOT

"Kryptonite". Fang/Max.

Songfic. Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down Three years since Fang surrendered to the whitecoats. Three years since he had seen the Flock. When the scientists make him an offer he can't refuse, what will happen to the others? Faxy Oneshot

"Lips of an Angel". Fang/Max.

Songfic. Based on Lips of an Angel by Hinder Fang and Max are twenty and both married. But not to each other. Fang still misses Max terribly. Then one day, he gets a phone call... FAXNESS TWOSHOT

"Love is Just a Swing Away. Fang/Max.

Jeb recently bought a swingset for the Flock to try to help them live normal childhoods. What can come from a swingoff battle of the sexes? Fax Oneshot

"Oh, The Possibilities!".

Where's Fang's power? Why doesn't he have one? Oh, young one, you are very wrong. He's had a power all along. It's just a secret. But now he's willing to share that secret with us all. Series of Oneshots Parody

"Smashed Into Pieces: The End Of We". Fang/Max.

Songfic. Smashed Into Pieces by Silverstein Max left Fang seven years ago and he can't take the pain anymore. A Romeo and Juliet ending for a Romeo and Juliet couple. Pain first, then eternal bliss. ONESHOT FAX

"So Gangsta".

Fang alone in a hotel room with the iPod. What does he listen to? I'm a Gangster, of course! But, oh no! He has an audience! Oneshot

"Strike Up The Band". Fang/Max.

COMPLETE What happens when our favorite mutant freaks form a rock band? Will total chaos ensue? Will the singer and the drummer fall in love? Will the world be saved? Stay tuned to find out. FAXNESS!

"The Golf Cult R Us". Fang/Max.

-Sequel to The Prank Wars- Max and the gang are forced to team up with the Golf Cult to save the world. But from what? Fang won't start yet another prank war, will he? What's this about a new Institute? Can Max trust anyone anymore? FAX DISCONTINUED

"The Lost Love Chronicles". Fang/Max.

We know Max and Fang have chemistry as teenagers, right? Who's to say they didn't have the same feelings when they were younger? Join the tales of a forgotten childhood and repressed romance. DISCONTINUED.

"The Many Meanings of Cookies". Fang/Max.

Max is craving some cookies. Upon finding the perfect recipe, she heads off to a motel with the others to try it out. Max and Fang learn the multiple meanings of cookies. FAX ONESHOT

"The Prank Wars". Fang/Max.

COMPLETE! Fang wants revenge for having to play Truth or Dare. Of course, Max strikes back. It turns into an all out Prank War. Even Ari and Jeb are getting involved. Is this an epidemic? MANGNESS! Voted Best Humor fic in the MR fanfic awards


"Wing Me". Fang/Max.

A brand new start:Max has no wings...until she meets Fang. Max is living a normal life until a new student, Fang arrives and appears to have wings. They have feelings for each other, and the lab finds out. Find out what happens and review! Faxness! Eharyn

Elizabeth Tudor


A child reflects on the rally, and remembers someone he thought he knew. Drabble, oneshot, Aribased.


"BloodWings". [Crossover - Twilight]

On hiatus - Twilight crossover. Max: I can't let that Eraser kill her, or take her for experimentation. I just can't.Even though she's a complete stranger, I would never let someone suffer the way I've suffered, not when I can still save her.

"Max VS The Forum".

Max and the Flock discover that, somewhere out in cyberspace, there's a forum that's been dedicated just to them. Of course, being curious, they log in to take a look...[inside jokes for users of the real Maximum Ride Forum][Please R&R!]

"Reality? No Such Thing".

On hiatus! Max: I barely felt the pain as Fang, my best friend, slammed me back against the door. He glared at me, and whispered in a voice so cold and deadly and biting that I flinched…“Who are you, and how the hell do you know my name? Please R&R



A family does not spring from nothingness - it is created through shared experiences, understanding, and, most importantly, love. The story behind how the flock began.


"Broken Angel".

Continues where "School of Thought" left off. Follow the shadow story that Max was never aware of as Angel works to save the flock, the world, and her soul from the vengeful scientist who created her.

"Broken: A Different Ending to Book 6".

In reality, the amount of time Max took to revive Fang in book six should have dealt him irreversible brain damage. This is the story of what would have happened.

"School of Thought".

Like any company, Itexicon's employees have their own goals and vendettas. This is the story of how those goals and vendettas resulted in the flock we know and love today.


"All's Fair in War and Europe".

It started out as a standard US Military training exercise. One minute Max and Fang were busy fighting each other. The next minute, they were fighting for their lives. Rated T for now, but might end up M. All-human/AU fic


"Frozen Wings and Warm Hearts". Fang/Max.

In relation to the Flock's blog. The flock dicides to go to Antarctica. This is the story about what happens and all the bumps along the way. ALOT of Faxness!



"Dancing With Cinderella".

Jeb reflects on the five times in Max's life where she's danced, carefree. I got tired of the Jeb-is-evil and Max-can-never-forgive-Jeb fics and wrote this. Try it, please?


"Forgetting Yesterday".

Iggy has a past with abusive parents. When he comes to the Martinez foster home can Max and the gang open up his shell, or will Iggy's past finally catch up to him? What secrets is the pale boy hiding from the world? Rated T for some violence


"Rainbows". Fang/Iggy.

It's the Day of Silence. Iggy's silenced. Figgy if you squint. Oneshot.


"10 Secrets of the Maximum Ride Characters". Fang/Max.

Ever wished you knew what went through Fang's head? Wondered just whose side Jeb was on? Well, look no further. These are ten of the MR characters' secrets that you don't see in the books - their fears, their hopes, their loves. Slight Fax. JP owns all.


"CinderMax". Fang/Max.

This is basically Maximum Ride in the Cinderella universe. Pretty AU. Instead of the Cinderella characters, there'll be Maximum Ride characters instead! Pretty obvious, but yeah. FAX.

"Photographs". Fang/Max.

Nudge's got a new hobby, and guess what? It leads to FAX! I know my summary sucks, but check out the story!


"Life Support".

‘“By the way, I lo... you, too, Max.” He murmurs in my ear.’ PLEASE R'N'R!


“’Well, crap.’ I think as I stand backtoback against Fang, with Iggy and Gazzy to one side of us and Nudge, Angel, and Total on the other, staring at the huge no, massive swarm of Erasers surrounding and pressing in on us.” LAST CHAPTER UP! Pleaz R'N'R!


"All Is Well In Cliche Land".

We all know them. Those big, major cliches... Max is pregnant, Iggy can suddenly see again. But what about those tiny, minor ones that everyone overlooks? The ones that people don't even notice? Here's a tribute to those miniscule, yet overused cliches.


When Iggy is kidnapped, the flock sets off to save him... but Iggy doesn't need saving. Or does he? He has his sight back, and has fallen in love, but is that all fake? What is reality, when time has been totally altered? First in the 'Dreaming' series.


Iggy's been saved from his 'dream' simulation, and besides him being older than Max now, everything is back to normal. Until the flock discovers a machine inside Iggy set to kill him on his sixteenth birthday. Which is soon. Sequel to 'Asleep'.

"Boy Turns to Girl and Vice Versa". Max/Iggy, Fang/Iggy. [Rated M]

When the Flock wakes one morning, everything has changed. Be ready for Iggy and Fang in panties! Max and Nudge in boxers! Gazzy in a pink ruffled dress and a bald Angel! It's all in here... Rated for profanity and some mature content. Miggy, Figgy! ON PERMANENT HIATUS.

"Braille, Disney, and Odd Zit Formations".

Jeb forces Iggy to learn Braille. And Fang laughs while watching Disney. Things get a little awkward later... who knew zits could form actual words? No romantic stuff involved, just two brothers being crazy hormonal idiots. Sugar induced... I think...

"Brain Damage".

Iggy is injured and suffers a severe brain injury. Fang is tortured by guilt. It was his fault. "I… remember when I was not like this. Max and Nudge and Angel and Gazzy said that I would be a part of the flock even if I could not make bombs or make food. But I can not do either of that any more, and they do not treat me like a part of the flock. They were lying."


Iggy has lost his memories, and is now a young boy named 'James'. Angel has inherited his memories, and Max and Fang are now discovering a new Iggy they had never known. And that Iggy's childhood was worse than they could have guessed. Sequel to 'Awake'.

"Dude, Be My Wingman".

Fang was just minding his own business, chillaxing, reading a book. But then Iggy informed him that he likes someone. A lot. Seriously. And he's going with said person to the mall... and he wants Fang to be his wingman. Sort-of-sequel to 'Get Over It.'

"Fang's Retaliation: Backfire!".

Fang tries to get back at Iggy for an unknown reason... only it completely backfires! Sexual references, mild adult theme... may later change rating to 'M' if I get any complaints. Flames welcome.


Every day, Fang and Iggy fight. Every day, Iggy gets totally beaten up. Because he doesn't even try. Because he really enjoys his daily dose of pain. Because it lets him know he actually exists. Oneshot.

"Get Over It".

So, Max lets Fang in on a little secret: Iggy's gay. But Fang's sort of a homophobe. What's going to change his mind about his best friend? Only Iggy being ganged up on by a large group of seriously idiotic and homophobic high school boys, that's what.

"I Never Did That!".

When Fang finds a link to a website called Fanfiction on a comment on his blog, he follows it to a series of... interesting stories. Iggy torture ensues. Does anyone ever wonder why Iggy has been paired with almost every character in the MR universe?

"Iggy's First Drive". Nudge/Iggy, Fang/Max.

Nudge teaches Iggy how to drive! Short Niggy oneshot, just came up with the idea one day! Nudge/Iggy, slight reference to Max/Fang..... experiences with Max's old friend Valium!

"It's Okay". Fang/Iggy.

Fang's been having some confusion about his feelings, and Max has a talk with him about being okay with himself. A good lesson for everyone to learn, don't you think? Slight Figgy.

"Learning to Tie".

The flock goes shoe shopping, but are interrupted by an Eraser. In a hurry to get away, Max grabs Iggy a pair of laced sneakers. Little does she know our favorite blind pyro doesn't know how to tie his shoes! An adorable oneshot.

"Maximum Ride Halloween Special".

It's Halloween, and the flock is out for candy. Max's plan is to 'divide and conquer'. What will happen when the flock separates for maximum candy-getting capacity? Shinanigans and hilarity, that's what.

"Maximum Ride: April Fools Special". Max/Gazzy, Iggy/Angel, Fang/Nudge.

Max wakes up one morning to find... Gazzy in her bed? Iggy and Angel... an item? Fang and Nudge... engaged? Gazzy proposes! Is this all some crazy April Fools prank, or is it actually real? April Fools oneshot. Mazzy, Iggel, Fudge.

"Maximum Ride: Thanksgiving Special".

The flock sits around the table for Thanksgiving dinner, to give thanks for all they have. A loving family, wonderful friends, and the fact that they're not stuck in the School being tortured anymore. Cute family-warm fuzzies.

"My Pot O' Gold Under the Mistletoe". Max/Iggy.

Iggy's being a devious little leprechaun; Max wants his pot of gold. But why does he want her to look up? And why can't Max ignore it? He's a trickster, but for some reason, she can't turn away. Oh well. Maybe this Ginger Kid is kinda-sorta cute. Ish.


Max and Fang help Iggy come to terms with his traumatic past. But there is something else in Iggy's mind, trying to take over. Then Professor Jordan returns, and Anne reveals something that will change the entire flock... forever. Finale of 'Dreaming'.

"Not the Emotional Type". Fang/Iggy.

Fang was never the emotional type. Because boys were supposed to be masculine. And boys were supposed to be strong. And boys were NOT supposed to like other boys. And that was why Iggy was dead.

"Romantic Drama". Nudge/Iggy.

Nudge is ugly, nerdy, and unpopular. But she has a crush on the most desirable boy in school. Unfortunately, preppy and popular Lissa is after him too, and it's obvious she'll win. Totally sucky, right? But it's impossible to avoid in teenage drama.

"School Days". Fang/Max, Nudge/Iggy.

My version of the Flock's time at the school living with Anne. Iggy gets picked on, Max and Nudge try to stay popular, Fang tries to make Max jealous... all packed into the six-hour days of the place they call school. Fax. Niggy. GazzyAngel shenanigans. ON PERMANENT HIATUS.

"Strange Things Happen When You're Bored". Fang/Max.

A Maximum Ride parody in which Max and Fang are grossly in love, Nudge is Houdini, Iggy uses magic to make chicken-pot-pies, Gazzy farts, and Angel plots to take over the world. Strange things happen when you're bored and you want to write fanfiction.


Erasers they can handle. Flyboys? No problem. But a psychotic kidnapper? Iggy has been kidnapped, and when they find him, he's been tortured until losing all grips on reality. Driven insane. How can they help him, when he's beyond all helping? ON PERMANENT HIATUS.

"The One Left Behind".

She left him behind; it was supposed to be just that once. But she left him behind, and now it's for forever. "I guess 'us' is just five now, huh?" "Yeah."

"The Stars are Laughing".

Ari pulled the trigger, because he wanted Max to feel pain. And it was Max's fault what happened next, because she did nothing to stop it. She could do nothing. So that night she slept next to a body that would never wake up.


"I looked him up and down, and really, the 'girl' in me was thinking 'what the heck would make this god of hotness think he was ugly?"' The flock has been invited to show up on television, but Iggy doesn't want to go. So Max has to convince him to.

"What Max Would do for a Lifetime Supply of Cookies".

Max has an urging urge that urges her through forest and fields to a mysterious glowing orb. The orb says that it will grant her one wish in exchange for a favor... What will Max do for a lifetime supply of delicious cookies?


"Sightless Raven". Fang/Iggy. [Rated M]

Fang and Iggy find themselves caught by White Coats, and they need to each other to survive and possibly escape. But when the relationship switches to more than platonic, how can they, and the Flock, react to this new feeling? Figgy


"Stupidity". Fang/Max.

This is a post MR2 Fic. Lots of action, lots of FAXNESS, lots of intensity and lots of humor. Think of this as an "Adventures of the flock" sort of thing, lot of focus on Max and Fang. Stays in character and continues from MR2 like a novel.READ: Please?


"The UMRFGPA". Fang/Max, Max/Ari.

The United Maximum Ride Fan Girl Pairing Association. The flock meets some arguing fangirls! FAX VS MARI! Add a dash of Fax in there. Chapter 2 is up!

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