The Feeling by Ashily

Category:Maximum Ride
Published:2006-06-26 17:13:50
Updated:2006-06-26 17:13:50
Packaged:2021-05-07 02:23:46
Summary:Iggy likes the feeling of Fang... [Slash. Drabble.]

The Feeling

Title: The Feeling

Author: Mercy Me It's Ashley

Summary: Iggy loves the feeling of Fang...

Rating: PG13

Pairing: Fang/Iggy

WARNING: Yes, two males are going to engage in romantic activities. You have been forewarned. Any anti-slash flamers will be met with my personal wrath.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Let's face it, this is fanfiction. No one owns anything.

AU: Adult!Flock.

The Feeling

Iggy likes to touch Fang.

Not in a weird, perverted way. He just likes the feeling of Fang's skin touching his own.

He likes the feeling of Fang's hand holding his as they walk down the side walk.

He likes the feeling of the cotton of his shirt touching his cheek as he rests his head against Fang's shoulder on the subway to work.

He likes the feeling of Fang's arm wrapped around his waist as they sit on a bench in Central Park and listen in on other people's conversations.

He likes the feeling of Fang's arms wrapped around his middle as he stands at the counter and prepares dinner.

He likes the feeling of Fang's fingers running through his hair as he rests his head in the other man's lap, listening to the sound of Fang's voice as he reads the paper to him.

And he especially likes the feeling of Fang's lips against his own as they lay in bed together, holding each other and snuggling close.

No, actually, he loves that feeling.