Max Gets Preened by DZAuthor AKA DZMom

Category:Maximum Ride
Characters:Fang, Max
Published:2008-12-07 01:57:35
Updated:2008-12-07 01:57:35
Packaged:2021-05-12 13:24:51
Summary:NOT EVEN A FULL SHOT. Max finds out what it is like to be preened. This is inspired by Unheeded Warning but does not fit that story's progression. Fans of that story will now know why the Flock will never have a group grooming session.

Max Gets Preened

"Time to preen your feathers."

Max didn't hesitate. She lay on her stomach and let her wings stretch out beside her.

"Be prepared for waves of pleasure," Fang said huskily.

Max shrugged it off until he began gently fingering each feather. A jolt of electricity slammed through her pelvis. And the energy began flowing. It was something Max had never experienced before. She wondered if this was legal in all 50 states.

Finished with one wing tucked in, Fang lay next to Max and massaged under the wing. "This probably counts as sex, don't you think?"

Max was unable to talk. She did look into Fang's eyes and managed to beg for more wordlessly.

"I know exactly how you feel," he said, chuckling.

[Author Note: If you got it, don't bother to read anything beyond this point. Why? 'Cause ever since Aristotle (an old dead Greek guy that people love to quote) it's been known that creating meaning is much more fun if some of the pieces have to be supplied by the listener/reader/etc.

Preening - a definition - birds do this when they stick their beak on their butt (it's actually where the uropygial gland is located - it's where birds produce oil to keep their feathers waterproof) and then they distribute oil onto each feather, pulling the feather through their beak from quill to feather tip. If you don't believe me, find a pet shop and watch the parakeets. This is a way of cleaning feathers, too. If you really watch birds a lot you'll also see that the birds get really relaxed and poof out all their feathers when they're preening. I don't know the reasons that birds preen each other - but I suppose it is a social act - you know, kinda like picking lice out of the hair of your best friend and eating it - if you're an orangutan, that is.

Why preen a mutant bird kid? Well, I don't know about you, but trying to do anything related to my own back is kinda difficult. Thats why back scratchers and long handled bath brushes are sold. So the poor mutant bird kids in the Flock have been going around with never-before-been-preened wings.

How could preening be erogenous? Personally, having someone play with my long hair is rather ... stimulating. Especially if it is my husband, and he's in the mood.

Peace out *winks*]