Intensity Relived a Conquest of Love by Bloodsack

Category:Maximum Ride
Genre:Parody, Romance
Published:2007-09-04 16:29:27
Updated:2007-11-21 19:34:57
Packaged:2021-04-21 23:25:47
Summary:He was moving closer to her now, his eye’s began to close and with a sudden realization, Fang was kissing her and she was kissing him back. FAX People! REVIEW!

Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1
2. Chapter 2

1. Chapter 1

Intensity Relived a Conquest of Love

Cars were stacked like dominoes around the vast epicenter of the junkyard and the rolling hills of trash sent out a continual odor of decaying assortments of waste materials. But to the flock, the obvious threat of chemical poisoning didn't send a large concern, probably due to the fact that they had large hulking wolves to worry about, but for now in the endless miles of debris they were safe.

Max had her back leaned against a particularly rusty old car, watching the evening skies for any telltale sign of an attack from the air. But most of her mind was concentrated on the person lying asleep next her, his breathing soothed her nerves to no end. For years she had thought of him as a brother, loved him like a brother and treated him like a brother, but now maybe he was something more.

As a breeze ruffled across the ground she felt Fang still slightly and shift into an alert awareness. "Anything?" He called softly in the dark and she quickly covered her emotions with a blanket before turning to him with a slight smile on her face and shaking her head. He propped himself next to her and she could feel warmth emanating off of him, she shuffled a bit closer.

Silence stretched into the night and unsaid things between both of them began to eat away at their conscience, but surprisingly enough it was Fang that broke first. "Max, do you remember that night?" Her eye's widened and she looked at him, but he continued to stare into the distance.

"Yes," She said finally. "I remember Fang." His head turned now to look at her, she could now see his eyes. There was hope littered in there, along with fear… And something else. He was moving closer to her now, his eye's began to close and with a sudden realization, Fang was kissing her and she was kissing him back. They stayed like that for several minutes until, Fang broke the connection and looked at her and she saw the final emotion coming from deep inside his cornea's, Love.

" Oh Fang," she said rather seductively and then they began making out in real earnest. Her mind began to reel and then with sudden conviction she pulled back and looked him over, did she want this? She considered this and then a smile came over her and she said softly, " Fang lets-" But the rest of the words never escaped her mouth, Perhaps she was going to say, lets forget this, or perhaps lets run away or even maybe, let's make a baby, but we will never know.

A rusty car hurtled through the air and crashed into the two disgustingly ugly birds, instantly smashing them under the rear fender and spilling blood into the open air. Max's head collided with a snap on the muffler and exploded leaking vital juices out of her nose mouth and a rather ominous crack in her skull. Fangs chest was smashed and his organs began to protrude from his mouth, spilling onto the ground with a soft splat.

Iggy was startled and awoke with a hand flourish and tapped Nudge on the arm, he smelled the iron of blood and lots of it. " WTF!!" He exclaimed loudly and he felt Nudge brush his jacket before going toward the source of the sound.

" Iggy, Max and Fang are mixed together in a pile of blood, guts and stomach acid."Nudge stated calmly and Iggy's pale lips suddenly pulled back into a smile.

" The Ultimate Fax, Finally, A succulent Mixture of tender flesh and swollen bruising!"

" Meat's Back on the Menu boys!" Angel bristled and then with a joyous laugh the kids began to feed.


2. Chapter 2

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