Happy Pony Rainbow Land Regains Their King by EdwardAddict

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Published:2007-06-14 17:52:32
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Summary:This is all based on a banner I used to have on the Maximum Ride message boards. Fang suddenly begins to smile when these winged munchkins come to take him back to his kingdom. Can he battle the happiness? Hilariousity ensues. Parody Oneshot

Happy Pony Rainbow Land Regains Their King

A/N: If you were around the Maximum Ride message board a few months ago, you may remember my banner that had a picture of a Fang-ish looking bird kid on one side and a happy drawing on the other with the words "Fang - The Long Lost King Of Happy Pony Rainbow Land" written on it. I was talking to some people about it last night and I decided to write a fic about Fang discovering his kingliness.

Disclaimer: I do not own Maximum Ride or anything you might recognize. Uhereyne (www . fanfiction . net /u/740476) came up with Happy Pony Rainbow Land in their fic, Maximum Ride: Warp. I take no credit. So go read that story. :)

Happy Pony Rainbow Land Regains Their King

Fang's POV

I suddenly got this sudden urge to smile. It was very odd. But the urge kept growing and growing until my frown turned itself upside down. OH NO! My smile would not be budged! What's happening?!

Max threw a startled glance my way. "Fang? You're grinning like a two year old who just peed his pants..."

"I can't stop smiling!" I cried. Except the smile marred my speech.

"I can see that. What, did you get a Botox injection?"

I shook my head no.

All of a sudden, a tribe on little winged munchkins jumped out from behind a bush. I took a few steps back. Short people scare me.

"Faaaaaang. Fannnnnnng. Ffffffang. Fangggggg. FANG! We have found you at last."

"I don't even know who you are! Go away, freakishly small people." They advanced, freakish grins placed on their freakish faces.

"Ffffffaaaaaannnnnngggggg, you are our king."

"No! I've always been with the Flock!"

"Or so you think. You were stolen from your queenly mother when you were but a teeny baby prince."

"Prove it." There is no way I'm some weirdo king.

"You have a birthmark the shape of a Jananabean on your left butt cheek."

"I don't even know what a Jananabean is!"

"It's a corn dog, sire." Well. I didn't know if it was there or not.

I dropped my drawers and asked if Max if it was there. What? You expected me to trust those midgets? Psh.

With amazement, she said "It is! It's there! Fang! Wow." She came to my front and bowed. Luckily, I had managed to hide my...um, my goods before she saw them.

The little people knocked me to my feet and carried me off. When we reached a clearing, they put me on a unicorn. About ten minutes later, we finally arrived at...well, wherever we are.

"Sire. This is your kingdom. We have been waiting your return for fourteen very long years."

"And what exactly is my kingdom called?"

"Why, sire, this is Happy Pony Rainbow Land and you are our long lost king!" Oh, no. Happy?! Ponies?! RAINBOWS?!

I knew, at that moment that I would never be the same Fang again. My smile never faltered and I rode rainbows to meetings with my trusty pony accomplice.

A/N: That, my dears, is how Happy Pony Rainbow Land found their king.

If you were wondering, Jananabean is an inside joke. And really, only one other person knows the true meaning other than me (and it's not you, Lenni. XD)

Duh, this is completely OOC, crazy, stupid, goofy, etc. It's a PARODY. So I would appreciate it if you don't flame this.

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