Broken Again by ChocolateMilk2

Category:Maximum Ride
Genre:Angst, Romance
Published:2008-05-04 15:17:09
Updated:2008-05-04 15:17:09
Packaged:2021-05-07 02:28:58
Summary:Nobody notices how I fall without wings. Maxclone.Ari. Drabble

Broken Again

When we broke up, I meant to break you. But these pieces are me.

I stand lone, the top of the hill, looking down upon the world. Ocean stretches vast before me, hitting the sand as if to climb ashore.

Your voice reaches my lips but I cannot speak. I do not care.


Nobody shall notice. Nobody will know, authorities unwarned. Itex forgotten. Just another dead mutant Max to follow the rest.

Not to you?

I am only what I was made as. A clone for your world.

So I fall.

Superglue can't fix this. Lend me your heart.