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Category:Maximum Ride
Characters:Max, Uber-director
Published:2009-08-30 21:04:17
Updated:2009-08-30 21:04:17
Packaged:2021-05-07 02:27:19
Summary:Pre-MAX. While being held captive by the Uber-Director, Max engages him in conversation and picks up absolutely nothing. Complete.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image

"What kind of sick person," asked Max in her characteristically snarky voice, "would want their head to be in a box and their…bodily organs encased in an old fish tank?"

The Uber-Director surveyed Max carefully, almost as if he had X-ray vision. Actually, she wouldn't be surprised if he did—it seemed like the sort of thing he would do. "What does it matter?" he asked. "And in that same vein, why not?"

Max rolled her eyes. "It's not even human," she said.

"Neither are you."

Max paused. "I didn't choose to have wings. Besides, at least I look human. And I still have the capacity to do the things that other people do."

"Whether or not you chose it, in the end, I don't think you'd want to give it up." The Uber-Director paused. "As for your other comments, I, too, can do things just like everyone else. I can eat, drink, talk, move, think…what, in all of that, makes me such an awful person?"

"Oh, only the fact that you have no qualms whatsoever about experimenting on innocent children."

The Uber-Director gazed at Max, his expression unreadable. "Understandable, I suppose, as we've not quite gotten to explain that to you yet. However, that has nothing to do with my appearance."

"The fact that you don't look normal probably doesn't hurt when it comes to torturing others, though" she said.

"It is absolutely immaterial. Appearance does not determine personality, Max, nor does it affect it in any way. I'd have hoped you would have learned that by now."

Max sighed. "Determine, no. Give clues to, yes."

"So what is it that is so sinister about a pair of boxes? I take pride in how I look—my idea of what I want to be is simply different of your idea of what I ought to be."

"Well, duh!" Max began, but the Uber-Director raised a finger to quiet her.

"Face it, Max. We're all the same things inside, just in different packaging."

Max rolled her eyes. "Whatever," She said. "but one of these days, I'm going to get myself out of here. And then you'll see."

So I decided to return to my account. Will be posting more stuff soon that, so far, has only been seen on my LJ.

About this fic, it's written simply to make a point. Take it as you will, but please don't judge without thinking about it first. Crit is appreciated.