When Everything Goes Wrong by Ashily

Category:Maximum Ride
Genre:Adventure, Romance
Published:2006-07-31 08:28:57
Updated:2006-07-31 08:28:57
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Summary:Fang and Iggy only have each other. [Slash.]

When Everything Goes Wrong

Title: When Everything Goes Wrong

Author: Mercy Me It's Ashley

Summary: When everything goes wrong, Fang and Iggy still have each other.

Rating: PG13 for gay/bisexual relations, and violence.

Pairing: Iggy/Fang, slash.

WARNING: Yes, two males are going to engage in romantic activities. You have been forewarned. Any anti-slash flamers will be met with my personal wrath.

Disclaimer: MaxRide is James Patterson's, but I have temporarily clubbed him over the head and stolen the characters for my own amusement. Just don't tell anyone, okay?

When Everything Goes Wrong


Angel was the first to go. They took her in the middle of the night, right out of her bed. No one even realized what had happened until the morning. By then it was too late. Last time anyone saw her, she had a tail and furry ears.

Nudge went next. They found her hanging from a tree. She died of a broken heart, and a breaking family.

Gazzy followed. He was hit by a car in Miami. Completely flattened. He might have lived, had the medics agreed to treat him. But they said they wouldn't treat him unless someone explained his wings. At first, Max tried to convince them to treat him anyways, and when they wouldn't, she spilled their story. No one believed them, and by then, the cops had arrived, and Gazzy had flat lined. He was buried as a John Doe.

Max was the latest. No one would have ever thought she'd have gone, but she did. At the age of eighteen, Maximum Ride fell in love with a boy named Daniel. He accepted her and what was left of the Flock. He even seemed like a forth member for a while, but then Max got pregnant. Six months later, she was on the operating table. Max's avian DNA and Daniel's human DNA were making for a difficult birth. Twins. One born in half of an egg, the other one without an egg. The one with the half of an egg, a girl who they named Elise, was stillborn. She was the one with the wings. The one without the egg, James, survived. Without any avian traits showing. Max died three minutes after Elise's body passed through her.

Daniel offered them a home, but Fang and Iggy wouldn't take it.

Now they were standing on the ledge of a twelve story building, pacing back and forth, unsure of exactly what had happened between their happy days, and the tragedy that laid behind them.

A/N: Another FIggy series, brought to you by Ashley. More to come very soon.