Dreaming by Elizabeth Tudor

Category:Maximum Ride
Published:2007-06-13 01:03:39
Updated:2007-06-13 01:03:39
Packaged:2021-04-21 23:42:16
Summary:A child reflects on the rally, and remembers someone he thought he knew. Drabble, oneshot, Aribased.


A/N: Just finished the third Maximum Ride, and I needed to write this. Just a drabble, but kind of cute, hopefully. This is the companion piece to my other story, 'Thanks, I Guess,' but can be read on its own too. James is obviously the kid from book two at Disney World, but read the third carefully, and you might find him there too. Check Fang's blog. Read, Review, and Enjoy!

Disclaimer: D'you really think I own it?

James Liamson sat bolt upright, sobbing. A moment later, his mom had rushed in.

"Honey, honey, what's wrong?'

"Bad dream," he gasped, sobbing for breath. "Last X-Men fight… Wolverine… Angel… No, not Angel, a girl… with long blond hair… wings… lots of them with wings… by a castle… Wolverine's dead…"

"It's OK, it's OK," she soothed him, rubbing his back. "Wolverine's OK, it's only a dream. It's just a dream. It's over now."

James nodded uncertainly, and she stayed long enough to make sure he was all right and that his night-light was on. His eyes fell on the T-shirt he'd had Wolverine sign, a few months ago in Disney World. He's worn it yesterday, during the rally around the Ontario Itex headquarters. He was too young to really participate, only second grade, but he'd spread the word, forwarding Fang's blog site to as many people as he knew, skipping school to be there, and helping make the signs to pass out. No one was quite sure if it had worked or not. He'd have to check the blog tomorrow.

James lay back down, sighing. He hoped Wolverine was OK, wherever he was. Maybe Wolverine could help Fang… And with that though, he drifted quietly back to sleep.