A Shot at Love with Fang by Ashily

Category:Maximum Ride
Genre:Humor, Parody
Published:2008-01-30 11:38:55
Updated:2008-01-30 11:38:55
Packaged:2021-05-07 02:27:18
Summary:Are you searching for love in all the wrong places? Well look no further, if you’re a gay man or a straight girl between 18 and 25 with a history of alcoholism, mental illness and an interest in appearing on MTV you could win a spot on AShotAtLoveWithFang

A Shot at Love with Fang

Title: A Shot at Love With Fang
A story about Fang finding love as a bisexual. Only, way better than Tila Tequila ever did it.
A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila belongs respectively to MTV and its affiliates. Maximum Ride belongs to James Patterson and his publishers. I am not writing this story in an attempt to make any monetary gain or to offend any parties with ownership of the people or ideas involved. I do not own the concept for this story or any of the characters, just the witty sarcasm.And now for a bit of commentary from the author…

You ever notice how the only pairing that anyone seems to like to write is FAX? Well, fear not my dear brethren, cause its about to get insane. I'm willing to do pretty much any pairing or challenge that gets thrown at me. Major character crossovers? I'm up for it. Dirty lies and mpreg? Drugs? Crossdressers? Fucked upedness? Chyeah.

Basically, what I'm saying is, I'm very open to ideas. (:

A Shot at Love With Fang

Prologue: The Casting Call

Five, four, three, two, cue that sexy female voice over!

"Are you searching for love in all the wrong places? Are you searching for Mr. Right, but only seem to find Mr. Right Now? Well look no further, if you're a gay male or a heterosexual female between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five with a history of alcoholism, mental illness, anger management problems and an interest in appearing on MTV, you could win a chance on MTV's newest reality show, A Shot at Love With Fang!"

Roll video!

A video of Fang posing and giggling against a white background appears, while meanwhile, his deep, sexy voice vibrates through stereo speakers across the world.

"You know, I'm just a regular guy, I love my friends and family, but I'm looking for that someone special in my life. If you think that could be you, I urge you to visit MTV dot com and link the link to our homepage."

Roll a prerecorded video of Fang speaking directly to the camera before a background of white picket fences and rolling green meadows.

"I'm not looking for Mr. or Ms. Right Now, I want to find someone I can have a real connection with, you know. Someone special."

Cue squeaky high pitched voiceover.

"Do not enter if you are under the age of eighteen or above the age of twenty-five. MTV employees and relatives of employees are prohibited from entering. MTV selects contestants with no bias towards minorities and at this time does not accept cash bribes. Please submit all videos online, any sent to our mailbox will be burned upon delivery. MTV does not claim responsibility for anyone who becomes physically injured or emotionally disturbed from watching or participating in A Shot of Love with Fang. Void where prohibited."

End transmission.

Alright, so now, it's your job to review and give me some characters and some plot twists guys. (:
Otherwise, you know, I could always do the same old Iggy/Max/Fang love triangle.