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"Time for a Break". Fang/Max.

My first story on FanFiction. A adventure for the flock with the thoughts of both Max and Fang. I am not sure how long it will be. It all depends on how well it goes over and when I run out of ideas. Rated T to be on the safe side.


"This Side of Redemption". Fang/Iggy. [Sequel to "Red Handed"]

Red Handed Sequel. Fang is out of prison and living with his two best friends. It seems ideal, only problem is that he hasn't dealt with the guilt that's burning him up from the inside out. He hopes that his boyfriend and best friend will be able to save him. Little does he know that he alone can find the path to redemption. M/M, Dark Subject Matter.


"Syzygy". Fang/Max.

Max is back and kicking butt along with the flock. But what they need to do is suicide. How can the possibly win? Max knows one thing. Someone isn't going to make it out alive. Nothing can ever be easy, can it? FAX! IggyxOC Beware: Hilarity will ensue!

Shadow the Bird Kid

"Maximum Ride: Moonshot". Fang/Max.

24 hours after MR:4 Max receives an E-mail from the administrator of NASA requiring immediate attention. Maximum Ride goes back to how it used to be, no more global warming crap. Just good old fashion butt kicking! Faxness later T for Language and violenc

Showers' Inc

"Saving the World is a Pain in the You Know What". Fang/Max.

Three years after the takedown of Itex, Max and the flock seem to be safe and free ... until some old friends reappear. And Max is forced to save the world ... again. Warning: FAXNESS and possible CHARACTER DEATH! Sorry, story's better than the summary.


"A Doctor's Pining".

Oneshot from Jeb’s prov pre-The Angel Experiment. Possibly OCC.

"And With This Coming Dawn We Shall Have Waffles". Fang/Max, Nudge/Iggy.

Just a little nothing of a oneshot. Takes place sometime in the future with the flock staying at Dr. Martinez’s. A peak at the life of the flock, minus the danger factor of being on the run. Minor Fax. Minor Niggy

"Despite the Dangers". Max/Iggy.

An Iggy ficlet. Miggy.

"Every Child".

A character one shot meant to explore Fang a little better. Fang reflects on the destruction of Itex with advice from a shockingly thoughtful Gasman.

"Fallen Angel". Max/Iggy.

Max's -dying?- thoughts, slightly Miggy yeah, I know... But it fit. Please don't cast this story off just because of the pairing. There is an explanation and a hint of could-have-been Fax.

"Goodbye, Hello". Fang/Max.

The day he didn't come back, she left. FAX.

"I Wish I May".

Fang and Jeb spend a night looking at the stars and getting to know each other. A pre-TAE Kingda Ka story. Fang and Jeb are two of my favorite characters, so I decided to do a little bonding fic for ‘em. Enjoy!

"If I Were a Rich Man". Fang/Max.

Max/Fang established. Iggy/OC. Squeal to “Matchmaker.” Studying a device Iggy brought back from Area 51, the flock may find the answers to all their problems… Or not. Meanwhile, Tiger’s Eye has a secret… A Dawna Universe fic. Fax. Iggy/OC.

"Matchmaker". Fang/Max.

Max/Fang. Set about seven years after TFW. Max is feeling overwhelmed, so Fang and Iggy up turn a maybe-might-work-if-we're-lucky solution with... interesting possiblities. Fax.

"Seventeen Weeks and a Day". Fang/Max.

Max is kidnapped, forcing her and Fang to come to terms about there relationship. Fax fluff abound. Max/Fang.

"The Definition of Denial". Nudge/Iggy.

Iggy tries to convince himself he's not falling for Nudge... And fails miserably. Niggy.

"The Freshman".

Nothing can right every wrong. A young Ella, pre-TAE fic. Kingda Ka

"The Meaning of Denial". Nudge/Iggy.

Nudge tries to convince herself she's not falling for Iggy... And fails miserably. Niggy.

"The Revenge: A Dawna Parody".

This is a parody of my Dawna fics. It is more serious in nature then most parodies though. The rest of the flock gets tired of Iggy’s attitude, so they decide to get revenge. MUST READ ‘MATCHMAKER’ FIRST!

"The Teamakers".

Iggy and Nudge share a couple cups of tea early in the morning during a slow week at the mountain house. Not really a romance, but could be taken either way. Set before the books. Kingda Ka.

"To Be a Tiger's Eye".

Compainion Oneshot to "Matchmaker". What would it be like to arrive on Dawna and mess everything up? Mostly about my OC Tiger's Eye with special apperences from Iggy, Gasman, and Nudge. Part of my Dawna Universe.

"What God Has in Store".

“The fifth command is as follows; honor they father and thy mother.” It’s something that you never forget, the loss of a parent. The guilt, not matter how undeserved, that follows it is unavoidable. An Ella centered aghast fic. Sequel to “The Freshman”.


"Iggy x Ella Drabbles". Iggy/Ella.

Drabbles isn't really the right word. This is basically just a bunch of Iggy x Ella ideas that I turned into a story, it's cute and funny, and cohesive! So don't turn it down because you think it will be choppy, it won't. Eggy, cute, funny, sweet

Skye Maxwell

"A Wish to Heal Immortal Wounds". Fang/Max.

After 18 years, the pain of what happened after the destruction of Itex is still fresh and unbearable. What can make the hurt disappear? One-shot.

"All I Really Want".

Just because it's the holiday season doesn't mean the flock can just push pause & stop running. Even if they can't have a normal Christmas, Max is determined to make the kids happy, which leads to one huge question: What do they really want for Christmas?

"Give a Little Bit".

A series of unrelated drabbles. Different themes, characters, genres, and whatnot. Quick and fun to read. Suggest a drabble idea, and I might write it and dedicate it to you.

"Gravity Defying Box of Metal Death".

The title, plus other fun and unnecessary things! Nudge sees a large building that makes her flip out, Fang undermines Max's authority yet again, Gazzy and Iggy engage in an epic battle, & Max gets claustrophibic. And what? Er- Chicken McNuggets? Oneshot.

"Maximum Ride and the Deathly Crossovers". [Crossover: Camp Rock; The Fairly Oddparents; Harry Potter; Avatar: The Last Airbender]

A series of oneshots, with each chapter crossing Maximum Ride over with another story that it just shouldn't be crossed over with. A lot of poking fun at... well, everyone. Pure ridiculousosity. Ch.1: Camp Rock, Ch.2: Fairly OddParents, Ch.3: Harry Potter, Ch.4: Avatar: the Last Airbender.

"Now I Know".

"This is the story of how my life ended..." The answer to the question of why Max consistently turns down a relationship with her right-hand man and best friend is answered. One-shot.

"The Breaking Point".

Everyone has their breaking point. Fighting among flock members leads to huge problems, and Max reaches the point where she won't take it anymore. Bones, buildings, hearts, and faces are broken, among other things. Picks up after MR4.

Skylark Evanson

"Typing for Iggy".

Iggy wants to be online too, but being blind, he can't type. So the rest of The Flock is doing it for him and adding in their own stuff. Before Fax. *First Max Ride Fic!


"The Fallen Angels". Fang/Max.

AU. Max and Fang are in different organizations, both rivaling each other to take down Itex. But what happens when these two super spys find out that they are not all so different? And are they falling in love with each other? Come here to find out. FAX!


"Like Sky". Nudge/Iggy.

Nudge asks Iggy to dance despite the fact that neither of them really know how, and a two-bed hotel room does not the most romantic of dance floors make. But through the song they find their way. Not a song-fic. NudgexIggy.

St. Fang of Boredom

"Africa Goes Awry".

Alternative Name: A SqueeFan's Worst Nightmare. In which I take every single thing that pisses off die-hard MR fans and turn it into one flame-worthy oneshot. Why? Because it's fun. Blame max-dan-wiz. I'm still a fan of the books, just having some fun.

"Another Form of the Avian Bird Flu". Fang/Max, Iggy/Ella.

So, Fang gets sick. The flu, to be exact. And, of course, he has to pull a whole 'Whining Macho Prince' thing about it. Max and Dr. Martinez deal with Fang's attitude, Iggy tries to boycott Campbell's Soup, the Flock play with a blender, and...FAX! Eggy!

"Brand New You". Fang/Iggy.

Written for bkworm's Musical Challenge. After 2 years apart, Iggy goes to a 'Flock Reunion'. He finds that 2 years has changed his Flock considerably, especially a certain tall, dark, and formally silent Flock member...Figgy.

"Bubbles, Football, and Pygmy Marmosets".

Written for LiveLaughLuv311's contest. Fang spends a day with Ella and her slightly neurotic friends. A perfect example of why Fang doesn't socialize much. Pygmy Marmosets! Don't ask I basically pulled this story out of my sleeve, so here goes nothing!

"But You Could Be". Fang/Kurt/Blaine. [Crossover: Glee]

Upon Fang's most recent capture by the School, he makes some very unexpected allies... A Cannibal named Blaine and his Serial Killer boyfriend, Kurt. Loosely based off of LilyCrystal's comic, "Tales of Flesh and Blood". Might want to look it up on dA or this fic won't make sense... Mild Fang/Kurt/Blaine. I call it Killer!Klaing.

"Catherine Hardwicke's Coming to Town".

A song for the Day of Anti-Hardwicke, because I have too much free time. Hide the books, everyone!

"Death of the Moderators".

Alas, the Moderators of Max-Dan-Wiz have met an untimely death. This is the obituary/news article all about it. In honor of Nathan's Army and all those who have been banned from the site.

"Double Date". [Crossover: Twilight]

What would be any MaxRide/Twilight fangirl's dream is Carisa Coates' headache. The good news is, she found love. Bad news; she found it twice. Now Fang & Embry, the two boys she loves, are ready to take each other out just to have her. Pairing: Fembrisa?

"Dylan's Face".

For all those haters of Dylan, or just those who love a good insult. A list of the terrible things Dylan's face has brought upon us. It's a Maximum Ride fan's version of Chuck Norris jokes!

"Facts of Life". Fang/Max.

After Angel asks Max the 'dreaded question', Max decides it's time to teach the Flock a bit about 'The Facts of Life', much to poor Fang's displeasure. I'm rating this at a moderate T. Read rating notes inside, please! Teeny weeny bit o' Fax.

"Faintly Resembling a Wedding".

Can you get married over Skype? I think you can. If so, then I'm married to Fang, and this is the proof. This also prooves that I have no life, but that's beside the point...

"Fanfiction Meets Youtube".

What happens when you combine 1 St. Fang of Boredom, fanfiction, and youtube? Complete and total loss of Flock sanity! All oneshots based on videos made by Youtuber, makemebad35.

"Fang's Journal".

Saint here decided, after a little fight we had, that I deserve my own 'Fanfiction'. She even took the liberty of stealing my journal to make it...Yeah. So, this is excerpts of my journal, rather I like it or not...

"Finding Light in the Mariana Trench". [Crossover: Glee]

Written for Fangalicous08's story, Songbird. Songbird Chapter 3.5. What happened when Quinn took Fang off to clean him up after his and Iggy's 'slushie incident'.

"First Night".

What was Fang's first night alone like after he ran out on Total's wedding? How do you go from surviving as a team to a solo act overnight? You never know what could 'drop in' unexpectedly when you're out on your own...

"Fly By Twilight: The Coven". [Crossover: Twilight]

Maximum Ride/Twilight Crossover. After Fang is captured from the Flock, he's taken to an Institute whose Director isn't quite human. And she's decided it's time Fang live up to his name. Is Fang completely doomed? Not if the Cullens have their say...

"Fly By Twilight: The Pack". [Crossover: Twilight]

Sequel to Fly By Twilight: The Coven. A Maximum Ride/Twilight crossover. Fang and the Flock are finally reunited! But what new insanity are they being subjected to? What's up with Iggy? And...Love is in the air?

"Fly By Twilight: The Volturi". [Crossover: Twilight]

Third in the 'Fly By Twilight' trilogy. The Flock is just settling into their new home in Forks, but the Volturi are watching closely. It's seems Max's destiny is close at hand, but how will she fulfill it?

"Fly By Twilight: Wanna Be Fang Cullen". [Crossover: Twilight]

A song to go along with my 'Fly By Twilight' series. Based on 'The Edward Cullen Song'.

"Foolish Pranks".

Takes place after FANG. Dylan and his friends play a prank on Fang that goes way too far, forcing Dylan to go from making a fool of his competition to having to care for him. In one night, Dylan learns some important things about himself and about his least-favorite Flock member, as well as some less important things about water sprinklers and Time Lords. Bromance, not romance.

"Gozen and the Feather Kids".

Gozen went to Antarctica so he could get his lollipop back and save the pygmy marmosets. But then, as he captured the feather kids Gerald, the UD, sent him for, he met Fuzzles. Gozen loves his Fuzzles. This is Gozen's story of The Final Warning...Kinda

"Hearts Fly". Fang/Max.

Songfic. Parody of the song 'Lumos Flies' by ALL CAPS, which is a parody of the song 'Fireflies' by Owl City. After Fang leaves, he and Max have a lot of thinking to do; about each other and where they will go from here. Takes place after FANG.

"Jeb's Magic Mirror".

Why Jeb really left the Flock: Jealousy! How could his magic mirror say Fang was the best? Fang didn't even have a mustachio! Oneshot, people, for real this time!

"Job Listings".

I basically got bored one day and had a random thought: If the Flock applied for jobs, what would be a bad choice? I have random thoughts like that. So, this is what I came up with...Oh, and it's narrated by me and Fang! Fang: Not that I want to be here..

"Just One Small Complication". Fang/Max.

After giving it some thought one night while half asleep, I thought of a reason why Fang must return to the Flock. Random, short oneshot. Rated T for mild stuff. Mild Fax and Dylan pisssed-offness.


A songfic-type thing using a song from the musical 'Wicked'. Max and Lissa tell each other exactly what they think of each other...Through song.


So, the flock escapes an army of Flyboys to end up at a….anime convention? They find out about J.P.’s new manga about them, get mistaken for cosplayers, and why does everyone keep calling Fang “Dark”?

"Maximum Star Wars: Episode IV".

After a really random scene, Iggy Skywalker is supposed to save the universe. But, Fang Solo is drunk, the plot is deteriorating, and Gazzy's emo. Obviously, a parody. OOC. Random. The consequences of boredom.

"Max's Mom". Valencia Martinez/Fang.

Inspired by Happi Zebra's MR: The Competition, a certain song by Fountains of Wayne, and severe boredom. I believe the pairing is called Dr. Marang.

"Me and My Flock".

Wrote this back in 2006 on a blog and just re-discovered it last night. The song 'Me and My Gang' by Rascal Flatts, rewritten to fit the Flock.

"Ninja Fang".

It's better than Spiderman! Fang hits his head and develops ninja powers! Or, at least, he thinks he has....

"No Longer Hatchlings".

Takes place after FANG. Two Flocks, two destinies, one annoying Voice, and a whole lot of growing up to do. Throw in a kidnapping and you've got a teenaged bird-kid's worst nightmare.

"Scared Silent".

Once upon a time, Subject 404 was the life of the lab, but one angry scientist changed all that in one instance of rage. A tragic look at how one Flock member may have came to be who he is today. Rated T for violence and Authoress Paranoia.

"Shake Your Groove Thing". [Crossover: Glee]

Fang's having trouble adjusting to his new life in the Anderson household. Can Blaine make his brother feel more at home with... A dance lesson?

"Song of Adoration". Fang/Max.

Songfic based on Paramore's song 'Adore'. After flying away from Fang in the woods, Max listens to a very fitting song in her room. Muchos in the Faxness area...The ending's always the best part...

"St Fang's Poetry Corner".

So, I got bored in Spanish class. Out of boredom, I decided to write some Fang-related poetry and other little writings. I learned one thing fo attempting this: I am no poet. At least it's kinda funny. Narrated by me and Fang! Fang: Not again...

"The Dylan Bieber Conspiracy".

Dylan is really Justin Bieber? He's working for the Italians? Little Men will infest Fang's mind? Maple Syrup Farms? IT'S ALL A CONSPIRACY! Another random parody brought to you by St. Fang of Boredom.

"The Messy Room". Fang/Max II.

It's been years since Max's Flock and Fang's Gang saved the world. But Fang's troubles are far from over. He's on his own now, and finding that normal life isn't exactly easy... Especially when 5-year-old daughters are involved. Mild Fang/Maya. Oneshot.

"The Nutcracker Prince".

After seeing the famous Christmas ballet, Angel receives a doll much like the Nutcracker Prince from the play. And, like The Nutcracker, this doll is much more than meets the eye...

"The Story of Justin". Fang/Iggy. [Crossover: Twilight]

This is the story of Justin, Fang and Iggy's illegitimate child, who was adopted by Rosalie and Emmett. This story is a Christmas Gift to all my 'Avian Flu' readers. So, if you haven't read my other story, this may not make sense to you.

"Thunderstorms". Fang/Max.

There's a Thunderstorm rumbling at the E-Shaped house and Max is helping the Flock deal with it for the first time without Jeb. But one of the Flock isn't too comfortable with T-storms...Itsy Bitsy Fax if you squint. Oneshot.

"Triple Threat". [Crossover: Twilight] [Rated M]

Sequel to 'Double Date'. Risa, Fang, and Embry finally have their love triangle in balance... Or so they thought. Trouble is on the horizon as the past comes back to haunt them. Will their triple threat relationship hold? Pairing: ...Fembrisa?

"What Max Got For Christmas".

A parody of 'The 12 Days of Christmas' Maximum Ride style.

"What They've Done to Cedric". [Crossover: Harry Potter]

Wrote ths story for the Day of Anti-Hardwicke. Doesn't anyone ever consider what we put our poor characters through when we make movies of their books? Well, here's a look at the life of Cedric Diggory. Or is he Edward Cullen? Or is he Fang?

"Who Needs Dylan and Max?". Max/Dylan, Fang/Iggy.

When Max tells Fang she's having trouble choosing between Fang and the Winged Wonder, Dylan, Fang goes to Iggy to vent out his frustrations. Iggy helps Fang through his frustrations...In more ways than one. Mylan & Figgy.

"Zero to Hero".

Taking a song from Disney's 'Hercules' and putting a Maximum Ride spin on it. Max has gone from zero to hero! A big thanks to the Muses for their singing talent and inspirational helps. And thank you, Fang, for waking up long enough to the the A/N.

Starlight Disaster

"Soldier Boy with Silver Eyes". Nudge/Omega.

-oneshot- -Nomega- And this is the world ends, a single shot and a spray of blood. We are left with the aftermath.


"The Chain Smoker". Fang/Max.

Iggy learns to smoke and teaches a stranger the basics of bomb-building using a cigarette. FAX, Iggy/OC


"It Sucks to Be Me: Maximum Ride Style".

The Maximum Ride version to the song It Sucks to Be Me. XD pretty funny.

"Ten Commandments for Fanfiction Writers".

And these were the commandments the Lord lay down for the author, ten in number. And the number of the commandments was ten, and they numbered ten. There were ten commandments. :]


"As Long As It Beats". Max/Ari.

An Eraser's love is everlasting...for as long as his heart beats. Mari Dark

"Beautiful". Max/Ari.

Max could never understand why everyone else thought Ari was so ugly. Mari

"Before The Dawn". Max/Ari.

Max and Ari always have their best conversations before the sun has fully risen.

"Birthday". Max/Ari.

Birthdays. For a young suitor, they can either make or break his attempts at wooing his lady love. Will Ari rise to the challenge? Mari

"Blind Lover". Max/Iggy.

There were many advantages to having a blind lover. Max knew this well.

"Break". Max/Ari.

Ari gets a glimpse into his own future...Sequel to Watching

"Burns Inside Of Me. Max/Ari. [Sequel to "Wash It All Away" by Maiyri]

Max makes a discovery... Mari Sequel to Maiyri's Wash It All Away Gift for Maiyri

"Captive". Max/Ari.

The tale of Max's captivity under Ari...Mari all the way


With the Erasers, a male has always been the Leader, and females have always been objects. Can one red-haired girl change all that? Eraser!fic, spinoff of Trailblazer

"Eight Years Later". Fang/Max, Fang/Ari.

What happens when Fang and Ari meet in a bar, eight years after the events of the books? Mild slashFax

"Expiration". Max/Ari.

Ari makes a tragic discovery...Mari. slight AU

"Family or Freedom". Max/Ari.

Max must choose between her family or her freedom...

"Fly". Max/Ari.

Without the ability to fly...what is a bird kid? Dark!fic, contains character death. Mari

"For A Price". Max/Ari.

Max knew that that smoke was killing her lungs, and probably not doing wonders for her air sacs, either, but what was the point of prolonging her miserable existence? Mari

"Forever and Always". Max/Ari.

All Ari wants is Max, forever and always. Mari

"How Does She Do It?".

Fang, Ari, and Iggy discuss Max..

"If He Got Laid".

Jeb and Anne discuss the moodiness of their son.... Done on RStarcat's prompt.

"In All Your Fantasies". Fang/Max, Max/Iggy, Max/Sam.

Max, like all teenagers, has interesting dreams.Fax

"Kindness". Max/Iggy, Fang/Nudge, Fang/Max, Max/Ari.

Fang figured that him and Nudge getting together was an act of kindness on God's part. Done for Kisekinoneko. Has Miggy, Fudge, tiny amounts of implied Fax, and implied Mari. Like a pairing orgy

"Kissing Illusion". [Sequel to "Survivors"]

Once you've encountered the Erasers, you can never escape them. No matter where you go, they'll find you. Even if you're one of their own. Eraserfic

"Maybe". Fang/Max, Max/Ari.

WE all know about Max and Ari, the couple that couldn't, and probably shouldn't, be together. But if they met under different circumstances, could they? Fax, eventual Mari AU

"Numb". Max/Ari.

Max was numb. My first MR fic,and a bit disturbing.[Mari]

"Surrender". Max/Ari, Fang/Max.

Fang couldn't believe it. They'd finally gotten him. MariOnesided FaxGift for Kisekinoneko


Not all the Erasers were killed...Eraser!fic

"The Beginning".

The most bizarre love triangle of the century began on that day, and no one even noticed.

"The Choice". Max/Ari.

Max has a choice...Live with Ari, save Fang, or be free and let Fang die. Which will she choose? Phantom of the Operainspired.

"The Gameboy". Max/Ari.

Ari gets the surprise of his life...

"The Solution". Fang/Max/Iggy.

Being a teenager is hard. Being a mutant teenager in a flock in which the two older males are in love with eachotherAnd you like both of themis harder. Here's the solution!

"Wonderful Life". Fang/Iggy.

Even after the death of one of their Flock, it still was a wonderful life. Figgy oneshot written to the song 'Wonderful Life'.



"Sightless". Fang/Iggy.

Figgy warning. Like most of my fics, a little melancholy. A pairing I don't actually ship that hard, but I enjoyed writing this fic anyway. Please R R. Rated T for Self-injury.

tanyart [aka lyrical-t]

"Be Brief". Fang/Max.

Max is doing the laundry, which is innocent enough. Throw in Fang’s underwear and then there’s bound to be trouble. [mild!fax]

"Eight, Left Bracket is a Sad Emote".

Fed up with reading bad summaries, the flock tries to save the MR fandom by teaching a lesson on writing teasers. Yet, things start to look grim when they are bombarded with horrific displays of bad grammar, lack of punctuation, and fourth wall narrative.

"Eyes On You". Fang/Iggy.

Iggy forces a dejected Fang out on a sunny Californian beach for some quality girl scoping. Unfortunately, Fang doesn’t seem so interested in bikini topped chicks. [FIggyfluff] [oneshot]

"Fifteen Years Gone".

Saving the world is more of an obligation than a passion. Duty; not pleasure. Destiny; not choice. Maximum Ride unexpectedly finds herself fifteen years into the future during her Antarctica escapade. She has doubts. The future never included her.

"His Bachelor Party". Fang/Max.

Gazzy and Iggy have some killer plans for a Bachelor Party. Unfortunately, the groom is a little less than willing to attend since their killer plans could get him killed by his killer bride. [future!fax] [Sequel to “His Best Man”]

"His Best Man". Fang/Max.

Iggy hates shopping, but he’ll go with Fang anyways. ‘Cause really now, it’s what best friends are for. [future!fax][Check out the sequel, 'His Bachelor Party']

"It's 34B". Fang/Max.

[oneshot] Max walks in on Fang while he’s secretly doing the laundry. He screws up and now he’s thinking about more than just a pile of dirty clothes. [fax!fluff]

"Losing Count". Gazzy/Iggy.

Here was Gazzy; twenty-two years old, a college student, and hopelessly in love with his best friend. Thinking back, he probably should have paid more attention to timing. SLASH, Iggy/Gazzy. Done for nathan-p's MR Kink Meme.

"Minimum Walk: The Failed Parody".

Max meets her counterpart, a flamingoavian hybrid named Mini. Jeb is livid, the Flock is baffled, unicorns don't exist... and quite predictably, things go horribly wrong. So what else is new?

"Nano Conscience".

Everyone knows you can’t spell slaughter without laughter. Omega only gets half of the joke. [drabble]

"Of Rats and Women".

In their most awkward adventure ever, the flock needs to infiltrate a non-coed female boarding school. Expect hilarity in which Fang shaves his legs, Gazzy wears a skirt, and Iggy runs from the obnoxious schoolboys next door.

"Subject Sins".

There’s always a mission. We will always obey… this our purpose. The Whitecoats would be nothing without us and we would be nothing without them. Don’t you dare forget that. This is why we must capture the Flock. [Eraser Story]

"Sure Thing Falling".

Fang’s mother wasn’t the crack addict he’d thought she would be. To him, she was the perfect mom… but he wasn’t the perfect son. In fact, he never got the chance to try until now. clone!fang

"The Looking Glass Cut".

Join Max and her friends in my short story, though please be careful, it gets quite gory. I’ll take you to a place where we’re all damned….where to? Well, right here! This School, this Wonderland.

"The Red Wire". Fang/Iggy.

Sometimes dealing with Fang was like trying to diffuse a ticking bomb. The only difference was that Iggy had no idea when the proverbial bomb would explode because quite naturally, Fang didn’t come with a timer. SLASH.

"Via Mania". Nudge/Omega.

If love started anywhere, it started with the beating of a heart. Omega x Nudge


"At Least Not When the Kids Are Around". Fang/Max. [Rated M]

Its 5 years after the blowing up of Itex. Erasers have stopped chasing the flock, and new things have happened. Including the blossoming of love between the mother and father figure of the flock. Oneshot. Fax


"Don't Do Drugs, Kids". Fang/Max.

Two-shot about what would happen if Fang drank Valium. I'm at a loss for words today, so just read if you want. But believe you me, Fang has a REEEEEEEALLY strange mind. FAX sort of...


"Briser Le Soleil". Fang/Max.

Max has a secret she can tell no-one else. A power so dark, it could ruin everything she holds dear. When she runs away from her home, a government laboratory called Pandora, she learns she is much more valuable than she thought. AU. I'm bad at summaries.


"Maximum Ride: Take Flight". Fang/Max.

If you look in the dictionary, next to 'crazy', you find my picture. This is my story... mine and my family. And how our whole life was turned upside down. Written preMR3, so no spoilers, although I was accurate on a few things.

"Papers, Notes, IM's and MySpace surveys? !".

Various papers and such from the flock's time at Anne's. Sme as Notes I just changed the name.


"Steel Heart". Fang/Max. [Crossover: Twilight]

Max has her world ripped from beneath her, and she hardens her heart. When the whitecoats make her a vampire, she escapes and acquires a friend. Max & Bella find the Cullens. X-over after MR3, Twilight AU from before Bella moves to Forks. MxF, BxE


"Nudge's BS". Nudge/Iggy.

What if Nudge had stayed with the group to do that survival test? My telling of what I would want to happen! Oneshot! Slightly angsty I suppose, if you use a microscope. Rated T because I'm paranoid. Niggy! Because they rock!

Tokoloshe Monster

"Crash". Fang/Max.

Max has a best friend; a person that she knows online. He's funny, caring, kind and sweet – unlike the ridiculously hot jerk at her school that won't leave her alone. But maybe the two boys have more in common than she thinks... Fax. AU, but not AH. Complete.

Tomo Potter

"Fang's Friendly Fun Help Column". Fang/Iggy. [Rated M]

Something silly I'm working on in my spare time... ASK FANG AND HE WILL ANSWER! Figgy!


"I Am Omega".

A man born without substance into one world may have the chance to gain it in another. In a brave new world, he has the chance to become something he was never meant to be.

Twilight in my Eyes

"Face Down".

songfic. After SOF. By a twist of fate, the Flock has disbanded and Max is with Ari. Fang is in New York and comes upon the pair. He watches regretfully, as there isn't a lot he can do as Ari abuses Max. He must stop things. But how? Fax COMPLETE!



"Maximum Ride: Warp". Fang/Max.

Max and the flock have just escaped from Itex but can they find a safe place to live now? Is there even such a thing? Various pairings including, of course, FAXNESS. If you don't particularly love Faxness, I think you should be ok though.



"Jail Birds".

My friends and i go to jail, and see a ceartian pyro bird boy there. Will we push him over the edge?

"The Iggster in action".

I figured Iggy doesnt get enough love, so this is a story full of oneshots all about somthing stupid and random that our favorite blind pyro bird boy does!

Venomous Angel 75

"Home at Last". Fang/Max.

She's been gone for three years and has just now been able to find her way home. How will the flock react? How will he react? Please review. Warning for Language. Complete

"On Top of the World". Fang/Max.

SongFic based off of Boys Like Girls' song with the same title. One flock member's dealings with the loss of another. Fax


Wannabe Viking

"Come at Me Bro". Fang/Iggy. [Rated M]

What happens when Iggy and Fang are left home alone? YAOI! FIGGY! Don't like? Don't read.


"A Game Called Lost and Found". Ella/Iggy.

sequeal to game called jealousy. Max and Fang are now together, and ignoring everyone else. if that worse enough, Iggy's starting to get pounding headaches and flashes of people laughing and having fun. Things he longs for. Ella/Iggy or OC/Iggy



Iggy explains how he sees things. How he does things. How he's himself when Max asks how to fight with her eyes shut. R&R please. :

"Two things for sleepless nights". Max/Iggy.

What are the two things that help Max get to sleep? Find out. Read and comment please.



What if Ari lived amongst the stars after he 'expired? All he ever wanted was a little love. One-shot, happening after Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.


"Nothing's Hers, Not Even Him". Fang/Iggy.

Max comes home early, to find that the men in her house own everything.


"Angel's Discovery". Angel/Nudge. [Rated M]

When Nudge tells Angel something that even she had no idea was coming, something changes between them. AngelxNudge. Rated M. Slash.



"Lost and Found". Fang/Iggy.

Iggy feels like a burden, Max is losing her grip and the whole flock is suffering. Fang caught in the middle with the fate of the flock on the line. Will love find a way? Or will there be only despair? R&R Figgy


"Untamed Soul".

More than one thousand years into the future, Itex disappeared during the apocalypse and the world is at peace, for now. One girl believes she is alone but when you live in a world of freaks, is it possible to be completly alone? full summary inside. AU


"High School Ride".

All human. Max and her mum and sister have moved to Arizona much to Max's dismay. She doesn't believe that Arizona will have anything to offer her, until she meets Nick Ride, Fang, and his friends and family who call themselves a 'Flock'


"Running From Me".

Oneshot. Written as a response to a poem I wrote. Please R & R! I would appreciate it!



"Truth or Dare?". Fang/Iggy. [Rated M]

FangxIggy oneshot perhaps. In a dog eat dog world, you must survive. That's why Max and the rest of the flock are playing...Truth or dare! POV Iggy, but if I write more, it will change. Lemon, you have been warned. Please review. X3 Also, not yet edited


"Fading to Black".

The flock gets taken back to the School, but only Fang escapes. While at the School the flock finds out that Fang has a brother. Please R&R. DONE!


"A Starry Night".

In the midst of the pain after the surgery, Jeb tells Iggy more stories from the Outside world to help distract him from it.

"And Leave Me With Nothing".

All he ever wanted was to be noticed, to earn the same look of love he always gave her. But father always loved her best, right?

"Closing Time".

Volunteering to do a final check of the deserted School facility for demolition in the morning, the Gasman encounters old memories, not as dead as he'd thought when he'd decided to bury them. Critique requested.

"Cole for Christmas".

A short story. Max II gives herself a gift, for the better, or for the worst.

"Dark Side of the Moon".

Four years on, Max and company fight against a deranged blast that they had once rescued in the past, with humanity at stake. The first of the DSotM trilogy.

"Goodnight, Angel".

A moment in the life of Gasman and his daughter, Aria. From the "Uprising" verse.

"It's Not Fair".

The Gasman and his daughter go to the park and encounter an injustice, that will one day need an explanation. Critique requested.

"Maybe Overrated".

Fang and Iggy in the park on the Holidays.

"Nudge Wakes Up".

Nudge fights against being a morning-zombie as a teenager. A bit of a look into the interactions between the flock. Hope a bit of tough-love and language doesn't offend anybody. Please R&R!

"Of Ravens and Wolves".

How far are you willing to go for freedom, even if such a thing does not exist? Six birds, four wolves, secrets, and the worst enemies of all: themselves.

"TwentyFour". Fang/Max.

The discovery of her expiration date gives Max a limited time left to live and set things right. It's over, tonight. WARNING, character death.

"Uprising". [Rated M]

Set 17 years into the post-Apocalyptic future, where their enemies have won, the Gasman raises the daughter of his deceased friends and is, to the best of his knowledge, the last living Avian on Earth.


"Periculum". Fang/Max.

"The floor's still dirty," he said, smirking as I scrubbed his floor with a teeny, tiny toothbrush. I wanted to smack him. "Of course it's dirty; I'm dirty!" I screeched at him. I was tired, sweaty and completely covered in dirt. "I hate you." AU. Fax


Zenith of Emotion

"CRUD!". Gazzy/Nudge.

A Gazudge oneshot for Ani. : 'cause she won't stop bugging me until I have this posted. Please read and review! done all by my lonesome W007!Thanks bunches,T3h Fang


"Let's Play A Game".

Gazzy's sick, but that doesn't stop him and Iggy from humiliating Max...


Iggy and Nudge make a play about Max and Fang's future...

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