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"Sir, Yes, Sir". Fang/Max.

Fang's dad is the head of the country's best boot camp. Fang wants to prove to his dad that he is the perfect son. The camp acquires the worst trouble maker, Max, and Fang is assigned to whip her into shape. Will he be able to tame Max? FAX! DUH!

Lavender Kiss

"Total's Thoughts".

Have you ever wondered what Total went through before he met the flock?

LE trex

"Three Don't Make A Pair". Fang/Max, Max/Iggy.

Max can't choose: Fang or Iggy. Does she have to?


"Down Feathers".

Ever wondered what happened BEFORE the Flock was rescued from the School? This is the story of what happened before the first MR novel. Now part of Katie3llen's challenge.THIS STORY IS COMPLETE! R&R!


"Remembering That Day".

When the flock including Ella and Dr.M go out to eat, what happens when they run into someone from Iggy's past that changed him forever? Rated T because of mild swearing and Violence. Not an OC! Oneshot.

Lunar Calling

"Falling Through". Fang/Max.

What's a girl to do when she's on the run with her four younger brothers and sisters while being chased by an Eraser? Also add in the fact that said girl has a crush on said Eraser… Fax Tell me if you think it has potential! NO OC'S! On extended hiatus


"Duty and Devotion". Fang/Max.

Post-Final Warning. Itex was not the only one experimenting with hybrids, and now that another group has come under fire due to the flock's actions, it has been decided that Max and the others must be eliminated. But who would have a chance? Fax, IggyxOC



"Darker Than Midnight". Fang/Max.

Meet Max, your average human teenager; looks, brains and a violent personality to match. But when Max meets Fang she's finally met her equal—a guy who's much darker, more dangerous, than Midnight itself. For with this man, nothing is what it seems...


"23". Fang/Max.

Nudgecentric future fic, based around 23 and what it means to Nudge. A looks at what she thinks of where she is now. "And besides, she was still alive wasn’t she?" Various Pairings, yes, including Max/Fang. ONESHOT.

"A Diminutive Piece of the System".

Whitecoat story. They're not all totally evil. They have names and lives. ONESHOT.


Future Fic. What happened to the flock after the world ended? What happened to the rest of the world? ONESHOT.


So you're a shark hybrid, with all that entails. You've got to get out of this tank. How do you do it? Well, guess what Kayte and her friends have been hiding from the Whitecoats. OC fic, features sharkkids escaping from the School. Written in 2005 REPOSe

"Command Dynamics". Jeb/Anne Walker.

Three-shot Double Drabble about the relationship between Anne and Jeb. EDITED.

"Dear Max".

Short oneshot in the style of a letter from Ella Martinez to Max after book one's events.


AnneFic. Drabble.

"Disappear - A Thieves/Maximum Ride crossover". [Crossover: Thieves - Ella West]

Crossover between Maximum Ride and Thieves, by Ella West. Max and the Flock aren't as alone as they thought. Someone else has a story just a little bit like theirs.

"Do You Remember?". Jeb/Max. [Rated M]

Do You Remember? I remember. And I try to forget. Oneshot DoubleDrabble. Disturbing. Rated M for a reason. And the first Fic of this pairing.

"Duet of Max and Fang future stories". Fang/Max.

Twoshot. Actually, it's two slightly related oneshots, that are AU to each other and set in the Future. Possible futures for Fang and Max that might just happen, even if you weren't expecting it. Max/Fang. Deals with Flock kids too!

"Even In Death". Max/Ari.

Max decides it's finally time to say goodbye to her lover, and all the others that were left behind. MAri. Rated T.


After the end of The Flock.

"Five Pairings". Jeb/Angel, Gazzy/Max, Lissa/Tess, Omega/Max, Ella/Angel, Iggy/Angel, Valencia Martinez/Fang, Anne/Gazzy, Omega/Mara, Nudge/Nudge II (Monique), Iggy/Omega, Max/Mara, Jeb/Ari, Nudge/Lissa, Angel/Celeste, Omega/Angel, Iggy/Sam, Nudge/Total, Magnolia/Akila, Fang/Gazzy, Angel/The US President, Ari/Omega, Mara/The Director, Ella/Max II, Iggy/Fang II.

Five pairings in the Maximum Ride fandom that never happened before! Double drabbles that tell the story of a pairing that you've never seen. Do you want something different? Then this is for you! Part Five is up, and that's it folks.

"Five Things Angel Did".

and Five She Never Got To Do. Angel-centric drabbles. REPOST


An Angels Verse Fic. Follows one of Nudge's descendants as she navigates life among the most fanatic believers of the Angels. ONESHOT.


Max-centric oneshot. While escaping the School yet again, Max learns a painful truth about her past. One she's not prepared to hear. “If I’d known...” she says. “You know nothing, you are just a child.” He replies.


Not many people care about this character, they only bash away at her without really thinking about the person she is. This is an attempt to show you what she's really like. ONESHOT.


Max doesn't like to think of The School. It makes her angry. Introspective drabble, Subject: The School.

"Misunderstood". Fang/Max.

It's not a love triangle, not a love square. But there's four people all in love, and most of it one-sided. And then there's the hate, and most of that's one sided as well. Max/Fang IggyPOV. Now mostly complete!

"Not Too Late".

Hello, I'm Max. Fang is snogging a girl, and I want to vomit. The Flock is facing the worst challenge we've faced yet. Worse than the Erasers. Worse than the School. And we're gonna need help! Parodyfic from ages ago! Repost! Now Complete!


A Max II fic written after SOF, in which she actually gets a spine. AU as of SWOES, but it's being reposted anyway. It's been altered a bit.

"Quick and Dirty".

The end of all things, nothing else left. What do you do now? How do you make your death mean something? Character Death


The savior of the world couldn't possibly have made mistakes. Mistakes like a thirteen-year old daughter and too much alcohol. Mistakes that are all too human. Double-drabble series.


This is me. I'm the one that listens, that hears, that speaks and carries the orders of the School. I'm Server. And I hear you.

"Snow and Truth". Fang/Ella.

Five scenes in the relationship of Fang and Ella. Five-shot double drabbles. COMPLETE.

"Swinging". Iggy/Gazzy, Max/Nudge.

Hot girls, y'know, they make your insides go all fluttery, your head spin, your heart beat faster. Gazzy only wished he knew what Iggy was on about. Slash Gazzy/Iggy, Max/Nudge ONESHOT

"Take Apart This Earth". Max/Ari.

Oneshot sequel to 'What Will Become'. Deals with what happens with the canonesque 'Saving The World'. Mari fic. ALTERNATE UNIVERSE.

"Ten Things you didn't know about the Bad Guys".

The title kind of does say it all. Ficlet which has ten things you didn't know about Jeb, Ari, Marian Janssen, Omega and Mara. Will do other characters on request. Even Box Boy, although that would mean admitting MR4 existed.

"Ten Years".

Ten years later, Dylan and Fang meet up in a waterside greasy spoon. Fang orders the steak. Dylan orders the lasagne. Both of them drink cokes. ONESHOT.

"The Insane HAH's and All The World".

Chp1 Sometimes they get it wrong. A new kind of Flock, unlike any other. Dake's insane, BarBar's annoyed, Jedat likes Whitecoats, Neemik's sick and Such is.. well Such. Chp2: Jedat's story, the time he escaped, why he won't try again. TWO ONESHOTS.


Life for some of the other hybrids wasn't as bad as it was for the Flock. But still bad. A 'slice of life' story between two avian-hybrids in an unnamed lab. Features OC's. It's reposted, but it was quite popular last time.

"Valentine". Jeb/Valencia Martinez.

Jeb and Val got to be Max's parents somehow. This is how they got to that horrible point. Jeb/Val, Rated T, Double drabble series.

"Wash It All Away". Max/Ari.

What if Ari got his wish in MR2? What if he'd captured Max? MAri. Rated T. Part One of the series. AU in which Max and Ari are NOT related!

"Watching Thunderstorms".

Two-Part. Max, Fang and Iggy experience their first thunderstorm at the E-shaped house. Jeb observes.

"What Will Become". Max/Ari.

NaNo practice. Max loses her wings. Who's gonna be there to catch her? Oneshot. Mari.


"Maximum Ride: No One Is Ever Forgotten". Fang/Max.

Oneshot. Faxness. R&R please. Max is out for revenge when the person she loves is killed by someone she hates. A year passes and she finds the person and finally kills that person. Sad and Happy at the same time and has a chance of making you cry.

Maxy Ride

"Finally!". Fang/Max.

Max finally confesses to Fang. Random short story, heehee.


"Hawk". Fang/Nudge.

[Fudge Drabble] When he flew, I couldn't help but stare. He flew beautifully with the hawks. He belonged in the sky.



/Programmed elasticity only lasts so long./ 55-word drabble. Written for the Fanfiction Flock drabble competition on Maximum-X.

"Stillborn". Fang/Max, Max/Iggy.

Max experiences yet another miscarriage. Rated T for some language and mature themes. Oneshot. Fax and implied Miggy.

"The Flirt". Fang/Max.

Because we all know that, with the exception of Max, the girls who like Fang work on street corners. Fang/Max. Rated T for slight nudity and some language. Oneshot.


"MR 5: End Game Wanna Play?". Fang/Max.

Author's Note again... READ, READ, READ! Need some direction on the sequel that you have been waiting for. Oh - and if you haven't read the story, READ that too! Flock battles baddies - lots of action, adventure, humor, romance FAX - you'd like!


"Frozen on an edge". Fang/Iggy.

Fang's touch made Iggy's world spin, his body react-- pulse in a force not even he could interpret. So what if he left? That comfort, that safe harbor, and later his heart... would be gone. Not even the most frozen of things could last that long. Figgy.


"Missing". Fang/Max, Iggy/Ella.

3 years after STWAOES. Something is wrong. And it's more than just Max being kidnapped, the flock going through hell to get her back, and then moving in with Dr. Martinez and the constant changing of powers. It has something to do with these bird kids from the future and the people hellbent on killing them in the present...

Moonlit Masterpiece

"Red Handed". Fang/Iggy.

Yes. I just killed my boyfriend's father... But once you've heard my story - heh - you'll be on my side.


"Flight Path".

What if the school never existed? What if the Flock were just normal kids? If you want to know, read on...


"Love is Blind". Fang/Max, Fang/Iggy.

Fang's relationship with Max doesn't feel right anymore and Iggy's been on his mind too much lately. He fights with himself to choose:Will it be Max or Iggy? As high school ends and college starts, Fang must decide. This is a serious story. FAX and FIGGY!



"Envelope". Fang/Max.

Angel's growing up, and there's nothing Max can do to stop it. [OneShot] [MaxFang, AngelOMC]


"Dorm Ride". Fang/Max.

In order to escape her past, Max gets accepted to her college of choice. Only there's a catch: she has to live in the ALL BOYS dorm! What happens when she meets Fang, the pyrotwins Iggy&Gazzy, and a whole horde of other hot guys? All Human


"30 Seconds". Max/Iggy, Fang/Max.

You know, a lot can happen in 30 seconds, at one moment your falling and then a missing Fang comes and catches you out of nowhere. MiggyFax you'll know why... UPDATED

"All Again For You". Max/Ari.

They say your life flashes before your eyes when you're about to die... Onesided Mari

"Army Of God".

We are Archangels, the army of God. The Church is planning a revolution, the ever forgiving God is a lie and they must correct it. They will bring back the God that smites and his army will be right behind him. AU

"Because This Is My Name".

MAXII POV. I had always thought my maker a scapegoat that she conspired against me and I find it just so hilariously funny is that all she wanted was to greet me with a smile...

"Blind". Fang/Max.

A brain attack went a step too far...

"Create A Chain". Fang/Max.

AU What if I told you I broke away from my family, the ones I care about so dearly? I hate it, trapped at the School as a prisoner and employee, I don't have Fang anymore. White walls surround me, I have no freedom... SEQUAL TO RUN AWAY WITH ME!

"Deeper". Fang/Max.

Fang wants to know a way for Max to shut up for Five minutes. And Max wants to hear a story... MxF Based off song Deeper by Summer Obsession NOMINATED IN FIRST EVER MAXIMUM RIDE FANFICTION AWARDS


Somehow I thought it'd end up differently. If we were going down fighting, I'd be the one to die. It seemed like an old B-rated horror movie, where only one lives to tell the tale. The sad part is this is no movie, this is my life.

"Emergency". Fang/Max.

You don't know this haze, the shock of your injuries are still with me. The flashing lights and muted yells of paramedics. One's shaking me to stay calm but I can't do that... Songfic, mild Fax.

"It's A Concept".

I'm always the one in the flock who has so many names, such as, Womanizer, liability, pyro, blind kid, etc. But you know, there's more to that than what I show, hey I'll show you, just hear me out, k? Iggy POV

"Let Me Fall". Fang/Max.

When you can't just let anything go, the best way to solve your problems and forget everything is to fall. MxF


There's a reason for every lullaby sung. To soothe troubled children or make babies fall asleep. But as always, it's a different case for the Flock.

"Man In The Moon". Fang/Max.

I am jealous of the night, the stars, and the moon. They've captured Fang's attention so much longer than the Flock and I. I'm afraid he'll join the stars one day and he'll be so happy he'll never look back... Fax

"Paper Rose". Fang/Max.

The last thing Fang ever gave her was a Paper Rose... Fax, if you can call it that... WARNING! CHARACTER DEATH!

"Pure and Undefiled".

I can imagine you standing in front of me, strong and brave. All around you, snow is falling, slow and silent, Pure and Undefiled.

"Ruat Caelum".

It's been eight years since Greenland. In those years the flock's made something of themselves, a supreme court judge, a famous pianist, the list goes on. But their home has been missing someone for eight years and the grandfather clock just ticks away...

"Run Away with Me". Fang/Max.

AU Fax If I asked you to... will you run away with me? ...Who knew running away running away would mean getting wings and a new family?

"See Me". Iggy/Max/Fang.

All Iggy wants is for Max to see him... he wants her to see him the way he see's her. IggyMaxFang Complete 1st Miggy implied story! ...Nominated in the First Ever Maximum Ride Fanfiction Awards...

"Self Conclusions". Fang/Max.

AU Fax Max was separated the day of escape from the School. Eight years later she's looking for her family, one deadend after the other and she's steadily losing hope...Will she find the home she's been dreaming of or leap off the cliffs, wings tucked in?

"Simple Math Is Not So Simple". Fang/Max.

How exactly does one plus one in the end equal zero? Fang POV Fax WARNING! Set after MR4! Click if you dare!

"Time Is On Our Side". Angel/Iggy.

It was if she was waiting forever for him to love her. He said he would love her but he said it'd take time. He knew he would love her but he didn't know when. But how much longer until that day comes? What if time is actually against her? Nigel AngelxIgg

"What I am Thankful For". Fang/Max.

It's thanksgiving time again and the flock is celebrating it without Anne. Find out what the flock's thankful for. Fax

Nova Ride

"Neighborly Love". Fang/Max.

Max and Fang are next door neighbors who hate each other. But, among all the hatred are there feelings of love and lust? How will they discover those feelings if they are always going at each others throats? FAX! R&R please.

nyanja14 [aka Myrah]

"A Little Person Called God". Fang/Max.

God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. Sequel to A Little Place Called Home. Max's and Fang's POV. Faxness. Rated T for Language and Dark Themes. DISCONTINUED

"A Little Place Called Home". Fang/Max.

Home is not where you live, but where they understand you. Post SOF. Max's and Fang's POV. Faxness. Rated T for Language and Dark Themes. Check out the sequel, A Little Person Called God.

"A Springtime Memoir.

A companion twoshot for my fic ALPCH and ALPCG. This is the spring that they were twelve. R&R!

"Because It Was True". Fang/Max.

Do you know what tonight is? Oneshot. Fax and kind of fluffy, but it's all it's all in character, so not really. Not related to my other stories. Enjoy.

"Dentistry". Fang/Max.

By chance one hot summer day, Max finds Fang's mom. But can she let him go?

"Maximum Ride Fanfiction Awards".

The first ever Max Ride fanfic awards! We have the winners!



"A Matter of Perspective".

The flock is escaping from the school and it’s Max vs. Whitecoat, one final one-on-one battle as she makes a run for freedom. Whitecoat’s POV, because everything is subjective.

"Broken Hearts and Life's Other Dissapointments".

Just a drabble I wrote. It's intended as Max's POV with one-sided Fax and implied Figgy, but it's really open to interpretation. No swearing, sex or any of that bad stuff. The title may also be slightly more melodramatic than required. R&R plz.

"Falling". Fang/Max.

During a fight against a group of Flyboys, Max finds herself falling through the air. And this time it looks like Fang might be too late to save her. Set after the third book, Max POV, Fax, and some language too. This isn't a particularly happy story, fyi

"Just Love". Fang/Angel.

Just a quick Fang x Angel one-shot. Set 12-ish years in the future. Angel loves Fang, and she knows Fang loves her, so why is everything still so complicated? R&R.

"Relief". Fang/Iggy.

Fang has just kissed Max. And Max has just run away. Again. So how come all Fang can feel is relief? One shot, Figgy. This is my first fan-fic, so please R&R.

"The Butterfly Effect". Fang/Max.

Post SOF. Max is struggling to figure out how she's supposed to save the world, when a desperate plea from a fellow mutant for help to escape the 'Bad Men', whitecoats, captures her heart. Slash, language, Fax mostly early on and mostly one sided . R&R?

"Third Time's the Charm". Jeb Batchelder/Roland ter Borcht.

Jeb/ ter Borcht. Jeb's at the end his rope, will Roland be the one who leads him back?


"Relocation". Fang/Max.

Max and her flock are captured and relocated. The scientists have taken their memories. They are sent to live in different towns and attend a normal school. What happens when Fang moves to the same school as her? Can she remember? FAX!Was WANNABE-AUTHOR92

One Eye001

"Behind The Scenes".

This is about what Maximum Ride "really" is. Basically to explain the plot holes in Maximum Ride.


"Learning to Fly".

We've been out for a month now, and it still seems like bliss. We're free, really and truly free. What makes me happier, though, is learning to fly. ONESHOT.


"The Beginning".

This is when the flock first met, back at the school.


Just a oneshot about how the isolation tank effected Max. Read it, come on...oh and review.

Opal Roseblossom

"Max". Max/Iggy, Max/Sam, Fang/Max, Max/Omega, Max/Ari, Max/Max II, Max/Angel, Max/Nudge.

A series of hypothetical 100-word drabbles based on different Max ships. Added: Nudge

"Practice Sessions". Fang/Iggy.

It's just another day, another practice fight, another series of denials. "It's because this is easier. This violent, horrible touching is some sort of sick therapy for the both of us." Slash.


"Fang's thoughts". Fang/Max.

So, we've read what Max thinks about this story so far, but have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of our dark Avian american? Well, here is what I think he's thinking...there is slight, onesided maxfang...but very slight! on hiatus


"Staplegunned". Nudge/Iggy.

The flock sees a movie to celebrate Nudge's 13th bday, but the real present is what she recieves afterwards from the guy she's always had a crush on. Niggy, Nudgy, NudgexIggy, IggyxNudge, you get the point ; ONE-SHOT!



"Veni Vidi Vici".

Iggy has a dark secret and past from the school... darker than the other's. What happens when that nightmare comes back to life and kidnaps Iggy? WARNING: Non-graphic sexual abuse!


"Another Niggy Story". Nudge/Iggy.

When a hot girl kisses you- you kiss her back. And when a voice yelps, “Iggy! Nudge! What the hell are you two doing!”, You jump away. Max will do anything to stop these two from falling in love. Will she succeed? NIGGY!

"The Game of Jealousy". Max/Iggy.

Max finally tells Fang how she feels. And he rejects her. What will she do? Will Iggy offer to help?

Phoenix Fanatic

"Chocolate". Fang/Max.

Fang discovers what he can do when he takes Max's chocolate hostage. Oneshot, Fax, and a bonus for anyone who can figure out how to get the chocolate back.

"Conundrum". Fang/Max.

After a small accident, Max and Fang can hear each other's thoughts! Oh, my, this presents a number of challenges... and what if a certain company is interested in this development? -Fax- -Complete-

"Dance Dance Revolution". Fang/Max.

Who knew Fang could shake his hips? Then again, who knew he even had them? Oneshot, Faxness

"Delicious Mexicans". Fang/Max.

Fang overhears Max sleeptalking, and because he's a creeper like that, he sneaks in to listen. Oneshot, Fax.

"Diary of a Lovesick Mutant". Fang/Max.

Ever wonder what it's like to be inside Fang's head? Follow Fang's diary as he attempts to tell Max he loves her in just one year, while also trying to save his neck. It's hard to be a guy...Fax. Complete.

"Flash". Fang/Max.

Nothing is quite as awkward as killing your sorta-girlfriend. Fax.

"Rating". Fang/Max.

Fang, bored, starts to rate girls walking by along with Gazzy and Iggy. The trio gets more than they bargained for when a familiar-looking girl walks by. Fax, oneshot.

"Slight Tingling Sensation". Fang/Max.

Max attempts to get Fang to wear a face mask. "Attempts" being the key word. Oneshot, Fax.

"That Night". Fang/Max.

One crazy night really can change everything. From nearly getting blown up -not cool- to making out -very cool- the Flock tries to make it to dawn with their hearts and heads intact. Fax.

"The Iggy Project". Fang/Max.

Iggy has a master plan: to get Max and Fang together. It's just slightly annoying that the world is scheduled to end in a few months. Sucks to be him. Fax.


"Finding Home". Fang/Max, Nudge/Iggy.

Takes place after MR2.Max was gone. Four years have pass and now she's back. She can't hide from her secrets. And her biggest one may destroy them all. FAXNESS and some IggyxNudge


"Nighty Night, Don't Let the Dreamhoppers Bite!".

Angel teaches Max how to dream-hop, visiting other's dreams. Now she'll finally find out what the rest of the Flock thinks in their sleep...PLEASE R&R!


"Awkward Beginnings". Fang/Max. [Rated M]

Set before Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment and will continue throughout both books MaxFang Chapter 2 up.

"Dreams". Fang/Max. [Rated M]

MaxFangMax can't sleep so Fang tells her a bedtime story of adventure, romance, action. Please be aware that there is sexual innuendo. Also, spoilers for Maximum Ride School's Out forever

Pyralis Anacreon


Itex doesn't exist and neither does the Flock. Things are not as they should be. And they suffer for it. And for just a moment, she flew.


"She's Human, Too". [Rated M]

Set during Max’s breakdown scene in chapters 101103. Fang’s protective, and slightly loving, thoughts on the whole ordeal.


Quill and Saber

"Children Need Care".

The first of the When We Meet Again trilogy. A young man finds a woman who reminds himself of someone he lost long ago... ONESHOT.

"Give in to Failure".

An Eraser talks to her daughter about her life at the School as the first viable female. Oneshot.

"In the Arms of an Angel".

The last in the We Meet Again Trilogy. If you've read the others, you know which two are left...this is NOT what I originally planned to write. Full summary inside.

"Regrets and Wishes".

Max thinks about the things she took away from the Flock and what she thinks they want. Oneshot.

"Rest in Peace".

The second of the When We Meet Again trilogy. Sometimes the dead do speak to us...ONESHOT.

"Saving Middleearth". [Crossover: Lord of the Rings]

A little backburner thing that's had almost two years to stew. Lord of the Rings and MaxRide crossover. You don't need to read the Tolkien books to understand the story I think!



"The lists".

Dr. Martinez has had enough. She decides that the kids need to have some ground rules, and so she puts up lists for each child around the house, stating what they are no longer allowed to do. R & R, rated T just in case.

"The 'Most Likely' Awards". Fang/Max, Iggy/Ella.

The Flock decides it'd be fun to resurrect a game from the days of the E-Shaped House. Fang & Iggy discover a boredom list, Gaz eats broccoli like a dinosaur, Nudge and Ella are running the show and Max wants the house kept intact. FAX. EGGY. R & R.


"A Guitar and A Voice". Fang/Max.

Its been two years since Germany. How does the flock react when there is sudden anarchy of disappearances? What is the cause? How do they stop it? The story of my OC contest everyone has been waiting for. later fax!

"One Year Change". Fang/Max.

basically Max was taken and now she found her flock back at their old home. major fax, cause that's what the story is basically based on. and of course its sappy. rated for almost mature content.

real roguee

"Scarlet Meeting Scarlet".

Iggy. "I have been doing too much thinking lately. About life. About existence. Specifically, my existence."


"Fang's Dreams". Fang/Max.

Fang has been having some weird dreams. What happpens when some of them start coming true? Can we say new power? or not. FAXness. mild language.

Ren Black


Drabbles consisting of our favorite blind avian bird boy Iggy.


"Blind". Fang/Iggy.

He couldn't see, couldn't see the look on my face, couldn't see the joy he brought me. And yet, he would smile, absentmindedly - beautifully. Fang/Iggy slash!

"Can You See Me?". Fang/Iggy. [Rated M]

Collection of Fang/Iggy oneshots, different themes. Fang/Iggy slash! Goal is to make 100 oneshots. Rating may change later. Incomplete.

"Starry Nights & Amber Dawns". Fang/Iggy.

Iggy is painting again, and it is almost time for his surgery. Fang watches. Slight Fang/Iggy slash! angst. songfic.


"All That's Left of Yesterday". Fang/Max.

Unspoken worries lead to unwelcome consequences. Some things remain forever unrequited. Fang/Max.

"De Missing Vial". Jeb Batchelder/Roland ter Borcht.

Oneshot. Jeb and ter Borcht find themselves alone one day. Jeb is stressed. Ter Borcht "helps" him. Jeb/ter Borcht.

"Love Has No Place In Science". Jeb/Valencia Martinez.

The creation of a birdkid, à la Jeb and Val.

"One Hundred".

Collection of drabbles. Various themes and pairings. Suggestions/requests always welcome.

"Remember To Forget". Fang/Max.

When it hurts to remember, what can you do but find the will to forget...

"Solace". Fang/Max.

New horrors reveal themselves and Max begins to realize the end could be near for the Flock. What will she decide when the Voice asks her to do the unthinkable? Set after MR4. Fang/Max. Action/Adventure/Romance/Suspense. Extended Summary Inside.

"The Twelve Days of Christmas". Fang/Max, Iggy/Ella.

The Flock celebrates their first real Christmas. Set after MR3. Fang/Max. Iggy/Ella. Fluff Alert.

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