Envelope by Nightjar

Category:Maximum Ride
Genre:Angst / Romance
Summary:Angel's growing up, and there's nothing Max can do to stop it. [OneShot] [MaxFang, AngelOMC]

Miss Moony would like to say that she doesn't own Maximum Ride, and that she had no help with this story from Miss Wormtail, Miss Padfoot or Miss Prongs.

------- I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good -------


Angel is almost twenty-two now, and Max can still remember when she was six, every bit wide-eyed angelic innocence. I love you best too, the six-year-old had told her surrogate mother, and more than anything, Max misses the days when that was true. Before Angel decided to grow up, find her parents, fall in love.

She can hardly talk, she knows, since she'd be hard-put to say that she still loves Angel best of the Flock, now that she's got Fang, who loves her with every fibre of his being.

But still, memories of when she was fourteen haunt her mind, and she gathers them to her and projects them as hard as she can on Angel's wedding day, until they've created an envelope around the no-longer-six-year-old, and Angel is almost crying of loss.

'I love you,' she says to Max after the wedding, 'but I love Matt best now. I have to.'

The envelope is sealed around Angel now, but Matt's managed to find a way inside it, covering all its layers with new thoughts and memories, because Angel could never be a six-year-old forever, and Max has to accept that, no matter how hard it is.