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"I'm Falling".

Iggy has a crush on Fang, but he knows Fang likes Max, even as he confesses. But when Iggy is kidnapped, will Fang's feelings change? FIGGY! Don't like don't read! All flames will be EATEN!


"Against All Odds".

Max has a vision of Iggy dying. By trying to stop it, she puts him in more danger then before. Now she's alone and doesn't know what to do.


"Eyes to See, Hands to Feel". Fang/Iggy.

Iggy doesn't need his eyes to see. His hands are enough.


"Silent". Nudge/Iggy.

Max and the gang are relaxing at Dr.m's, or they're as relaxed as they'll ever be, but when Gazzy overhears a secret conversation between Nudge and Ella, things get hectic. NudgeXIggy. oneshot. image found on google.


H. Moth [aka Hawkmoth]

"Belt Loops". Fang/Iggy.

An Iggy Drabble…with some Iggy/Fang slashiness, because I need to write some slash before my reputation dies. Dies!


"Lovebirds". Fang/Max.

My face felt flushed, but I ignored it as I sat up and looked at Fang straight in the eyes. How could I not see it before? How could I have pushed him away for this long? Oneshot. Spoilers for third book.


"Forever Autumn".

When Max goes into a coma and loses her memory, what will the flock do? Rated T just in case.

Happi Zebra

"Blindingly Cliché: An MR Story".

Jesus, where do I begin? It's a one-shot written for a competition type thing, jeez I don't know... I had enough trouble naming it. Warning for: violence, alcohol, death... think that covers it, pretty clean.

"Character Fetish". James Patterson/Angel.

One-shot, realfic, insanityfic, JP falls in love with his character but she won't return his feelings, he has to try.

"Consequences". Jeb Batchelder/Roland ter Borcht.

No longer a one shot. Max escapes the school. ZOMG WHO CARES? BUT she beats up Reilly. *sadness*

"Deleted Scene".

Angel bit Reilly in book 1 but it wasn't in teh books, yo, so here we go: my take, anyway. One-shot.


One-shot. Reilly chillaxes with Total for a while.

"Frayed Ends".

Trishot altfic taken from Angel's perspective. R&R. Warnings for dark themes and death.

"Haven't We Given Enough".

This is a one-shot. Max tries to give the flock Thanksgiving but ends up losing something even more important than a semblance of normalcy.

"Hypothesis". Jeb/Reilly.

Oneshot, JebxReilly, jeez, idk, Jeb's depressed and Reilly comes a-calling.

"Max Collision". [Crossover - Dark Angel]

This is a crossover of Max Ride and the TV Show, Dark Angel, but it's more MR and I don't like crossovers so I put it in straight MR. It's set before Max and the flock have ever left the School. R&R.

"Max Ride: The Parody". [Rated M]

Yes, it's a parody. It's not IC. Warning for -deep breath- alcoholism, swearing, adult themes, sexual references, discrimination, mocking undertones, Santa Clause, sexism, half this stuff doesn't need warnings. Meh it's not really that bad.

"Maximum Ride: An Incestual Affair". Max/Ari/Ella.

Marilla. Yup, MaxxArixElla plus a Total on the side.

"Maximum Ride: Any Idiot Could Write It".

An MR FF set as IC as my skillz can get it. The setting in relation to the other books is uncertain so read it as an idividual work rather than picking out continuity flaws, if you would. Thanks and happi reading. R&R.

"Maximum Ride: Dance with the Devil".

Max didn't save the world... so everyone's screwed. Just read it, I suck at summaries. R&R

"Meds". Jeb/Reilly.

Songfic to Meds by Placebo, one-shot, ReillyxJeb implied.

"MR: The Competition". Valencia Martinez/Fang, Valencia Martinez/Iggy.

Dr. Martang? Dr. Martiggy? Read now. Do it. You know you want to.


One shot. Abusefic. Deathfic. Angel needs control; so much so that she's taking over the world, how will Max stop her? I'm really hating on max in these fics, sorry to Max fans... not really idc if you don't like it .

"Skipping Out on Child Support". Fang/Edward Cullen. [Crossover - Twilight]

One shot, Twilight crossover, rather short, FangxEdward, warning for slash - you don't like it, don't read it.

"The Tennifer Tlbz Chronicles". [Crossover - Harry Potter] [Rated M] [Admin note: this fic is a series of injokes intended for users of MegaGlomp, a fan forum spun out of the "Purple Mafia" thread on the MR forums in 2005 - 2007.]

Okay this is a cross-over between the world of MG and Harry Potter. Basically it's a parody of HP with 'actor' characters... sorta. You can R&R but please no flames unless you actually understand.

"You Could Have Saved Me". [Rated M]

Oneshot, Max is captured by Ari, but is he the monster she thinks he is or is the Eraser in the mirror her own guilty conscience? What exactly did Max do all those years ago? 'All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.'


"Max Has a Boyfriend? And It's Not Fang". Fang/Max.

/ FAXNESS / Fang accidentally overhears Max confessing that she may have found a boyfriend. There's just one little's not him. Then, Max hears a message to Fang from 'his favourite girl'. There's just one problem ... it's not her.

"MR : Bloodlust". Fang/Max.

/FAXNESS/ Fang develops an irresistable attraction to Max one night to the point where he could be dangerous. What happens if Max suddenly gets it too?

"MR : Bloodlust 2 : Queen of Hearts". Fang/Max.

/FAXNESS/ Now that Fang is safe, Max just needs to wait out her bloodlust, and then everything will be fine. Until they find out the bloodlust has spread. And Lissa is...dying? ! And Fang's bloodlust is BACK ! ? /

Hestia Ember

"Loving Home". Gazzy/Iggy.

Gazzy's had a secret for 4 years, one that only Angel knows. How does the flocks world change when Iggy begins to realize it?


"Kumquats". Fang/Iggy.

Finding out gossip from Nudge isn't always the best way to get news. Running it by Max makes everything different. Iggy finds out that Fang may or may not be totally into him, and then proceeds to embarrass the living socks off of Fang for his trouble. Isn't that adorable. Slight Figgy. For flYegurl.

"Made Again".

The flock decides to take a vacation before setting out to find their parents. But then tragedy strikes, and Iggy goes missing. Now Max is determined to do anything to get him back. But this time what the whitecoats have done is truly evil. Now complete.

"Make It Better". Max/Iggy.

Who said that playing family Hide and Seek was a good idea? No one. And that's why they play it. That's why something always goes wrong. That's why Max always seems to have to get Iggy out of trouble. She wouldn't trade it for anything. Miggy. One-shot.

"Sleigh Bells Ring".

Well, everyone wants something different for Christmas. Angel wants to see Santa Claus. Gazzy wants to give Nudge the perfect gift. Max wants Santa's cookies. Fang just wants to sleep through the whole thing. Can he? Of course not, it's Christmas.

"Taken Again".

After everything they went through to get him back, Itex came and took Iggy's memories. Just like that. No more trust, no more family. Gone. But Max isn't going to lay down like a good little mutant and let them keep him. She's getting Iggy back. It is so on. Sequel to Made Again.


"Things you will never hear the Maximum Ride charac"[ters say].

Things you will never hear Maximum Ride Characters say. Pretty self explanatory. Fang: And she was like, no way, and then I was all like ohmigod totally and she was like... Max: Ah! I broke a nail! sobsobsob. Now with all new conversations!

"Ultimate Doom, or, The Mall".

Nudge needs a bra. This sets off a whole chain of unfortunate events, including lots of Faxness. Drama and idiocy occur. Romance, humor, jealousy, despair, Abercrombie, and Bizarrely Orange People are all included in this astonishingly odd fic by Sunny!



"MR FANFICTION CONTEST A Change In Perspective".

This is a story about the entire flock: Max, Fang, Iggy, Gazzy, Nudge, and Angel. However, the twist is that flock members are the opposite gender than they are in the MR books! This is the introduction of the members as Max is waking them up.

I Luv Captain Terror

"Coincide". Fang/Max.

FAX! MR4 story from the author of Prisoner, Relapse and The Sickness. There will be plenty of drama and romance to leave you needing more. Come and read... you know you want to!

"My Secret". Fang/Max.

Max and Fang find comfort in each other one night, two months later Max realizes she is pregnant. Basically, this story is a totally fresh look on an overdone plot. You'll love it. Rating to be safe.

"Prisoner". Fang/Max.

My version of MR3, packed with drama, suspense, and romance. Rating is just to be safe. FAXNESS will be included and will play a pretty big role in the story!NEXT TWENTY CHAPTERS WILL BE POSTED UNDER PRISONER PART 2!

"Prisoner: Part 2". Fang/Max.

Read Prisoner before you start reading this. It picks up where Prisoner left off. FAXNESS and all.

"Prisoner Part 3". Fang/Max.

Continues the story of Prisoner. Has Faxness.

"Relapse". Fang/Max.

The sequel to Prisoner. Read it before starting this story. Faxness.

"The Sickness". Fang/Max.

The flock has gone three months without being attacked, but then everything comes crashing down and all sense of safety is lost. They find their lives are in more danger than ever before. THERE WILL BE FAXNESS!


"Experiment Terminated".

An eager new employee of the School shows up for work and is given an odd assignment. What's really going on here? T for sadness and character death. One of my favorites.


One day, I woke up in Max's body. I'm in there for a reason, but what? And what will return me back to my own body? The Flock leaves my house and our story comes to an end. Fax, MeIggy, ShaneNudge. Rated T for minor violence.


"Book by its Cover". Fang/Lissa.

Lissa's account of her short part in the second book, as well as some time after that. Yes, i know you all hate Lissa, so did i, just read it, ok? good. Flissa as well as some other pairings... you'll have to read to find out :D

"Eleven going on twelve". Fang/Max.

This is a rather lovely collection of short stories that were concieved in various places about when Fang was eleven and of course the rest of them are there too, but it's in Fang's POV... semi faxness... cause they're little... so there isn't much fax.

Immeritus Noxnoctis

"A New Leader".

Angel wanted to be leader. Slowly, she got her wish. Warning: Spoiler for School's Out Forever, dark Angel oneshot.

"Legacy of the Guardians".

Max and the gang are sick of the role they play in life. Little do they know it's far greater than they think. Along with the meeting of a new experiment comes the slow unraveling of their true purpose as 'freaks'. Buckle up, angels and demons ahead.

Inspirationally Red

"Membrane Of Lies".

If you've lived your whole life behind a mask, who says you'll recognise the face beneath it? Max 2 once assumed Iggy had bat DNA inside him. She didn't know her guess was true. Nor did she realise that the tiny two percent would have a bigger effect on Iggy's life than anything else. Rated T.

Irene Sharda

"If I Asked You To, Would You Kill Me?".

When Fang is captured by Erasers, he finds that something inside him, once dormant, has now awakened. Hidden agendas and key players are suddenly revealed, and it's up to Max & Flock to save Fang from their enemies and possibly from himself... AU/Post-SOF


"Masquerade". Iggy/Ella.

Iggy put his forehead against hers, "So mystery girl, you still not gonna tell me your name?" He hadn't cared much about this before but now something had changed. They had hardly spoken but there was something about this girl.




Ella and the island, after the flood. Alternate Universe: Canon Divergence. T for language and thematic content, but nothing too severe. Oneshot.

"The Shame in Your Defeat". Fang/Max.

"She was my first kiss, you know, and even though my face was bleeding all over the place and I felt like a truck had hit me, when she kissed me it felt like I was going to live forever." Post-MAX AU, Fax.

"The Skies I'm Under".

["It's okay," she muttered. The hysterical anger had gone, and in its place was a hollow chilly feeling. It was like somebody had taken an ice-cream scooper to her soul and only left a little bit clinging to the edges. "I want to be normal," she repeated. "I want to go to school. I can't do this any more."] AU, post-TFW.

"Try Not to Scream". Fang/Max. Recommended by: arcaticys.

"Let's get this show on the road. We have the firepower, we have the manpower, we have… is that a baseball bat? Okay. We have a baseball bat. Let's burn those murdering fucks to the ground." (Series rewrite, AU. Slowbuilding Fax. Complete.)


"Konstantine". Fang/Max. [Rated M]

SongficOneshot Fax 'And this piece here, this is something special. This is every emotion I tried to keep hidden. This is my confession. This is for her. This is for my Max. My Konstantine' based off Something Corporate's Konstantine. language,adult stuff

"Scars: Original Version". Fang/Max.

We always knew there was a dark side to Fang. But just how dark is it? And how deep can your scars run? FAX! Warning. Rating totally justified, don't read if you get offended easily. Language. Original Version of Story. Unfinished. Plan to rewrite in future.


"Telling You Already".

A sequel to "The Long Version" - an FBI agent, the Maximum Ride kids, and the Institute. What would happen if Patterson's worlds collided? Warning: A lot of cursing in this story.

"The Long Version".

Grownups make the world worse. Or do they? An FBI agent tells his story. And a FDNY firefighter tells hers. Story complete! Reviews appreciated. Note: A LOT of cussing in this story.


"Together At Last". Fang/Max.

Max and Fang. They finally get it. Everyone else sees it and now they finally get it. Rated T for precautions lang uh...waaayyyy ooc.Max's POV


"Max Plus Iggy Equals An Angry Fang". Fang/Max, Max/Iggy.

Iggy asks Max why Fang and her arent together yet. Max says Fang would never tell her his feelings. So Iggy comes up with a plan to get Fang so jealous he'll explode and tell Max the truth. But will it work? And who wil get hurt along the process?


Kai Vienna


After Iggy pranks Fang, Fang decides its the last straw. He's finally gonna get Iggy back, but what is he gonna do? Why does he ask Gazzy to help? T for immarutity. And other stuff...


"The Numbers".

They have escaped countless enemies, evaded death's embrace at every turn. But now, it has come from within, lying in wait with no warning but six little digits all lined up in a row. Iggy has fallen under first- This is the story of his death. post MR4

Kellie Packers

"Choosy Mutants Choose Jif".

Useless oneshot. Max sees a peanut butter commercial with herself on it, and dwells upon it. First FanFic, go nice please :D


"Halloween Fun". Nudge/Iggy.

The flock is having their first Halloween, and Angel is bored of trying to do Fax. So what will she do in the mean time? Make up Niggy, of course! Includes chaos, randomness, and, of course, CANDY!


"Spider Web". Max II/Jeb.

Max II knows she's the outcast of the threads. But she can't help trying to establish a stronger connection. Max II/Jeb one-sided.

Kimsa Ki-Lurria

"A Staring Problem". Max/Iggy.

Max wasn't quite sure when, exactly, she developed an obsession, but it was getting bad. Friends don't ogle friends so long their eyes start to burn. Right? "Max," Iggy said slowly, "you're staring at me again. Should I be worried?" Miggy.

"Be My Bridegroom". Angel/Iggy.

It's every little girl's dream to grow up and one day be the beautiful bride of a handsome prince. Unfortunately for Iggy, he's not an expert on little girls. Angel x Iggy.


Set during MR4. Sight was something he wasn't used to but couldn't stop craving, and he was tired of greeting that familiar nothingness every time he blinked. Iggy preferred to be alone with his sight, but maybe he needed a guiding hand more than he knew.

"Dancing on Icicles". Max/Iggy, Fang/Max.

One dance was all Iggy asked for when she offered him anything in the world. One dance for the dozens they'd shared before. The dozens that had made him fall in love with her. And always, her eyes were elsewhere. One-sided Miggy, Fax. One-shot.

"Hubby". Max/Iggy.

Miggy. Angel's Voice imparts some information that proves to have… interesting results. "Max, you shouldn't strangle your future husband with a Pillow Pet. Especially since he's gonna need his mouth for kissing you later." One-shot.


Iggy is captured and brought to Jeb. Faced with his mistakes, Jeb is forced to question his motives and actions of the past fourteen years. Who does he owe allegiance to? The School, his mutant son Ari, or a winged boy determined to hate him? Redemption fic.

"In Reverence".

They took his wings. First they stole his sight, and then they crippled him when he tried to adapt. For Iggy, it took everything he had not to break. For his flock, it took everything they had not to break along with him. Extended and completed.


“Max...I'm sorry. I didn’t mean to.” But he knew she would never forgive him. The death of a flock member…as seen through the eyes of someone you least expected.

"Ten Ways to Know You're Alive". Max/Iggy.

One-shot. Miggy. He counts the ways he loves her to reassure himself that he's still here.


"Anesthesia". Fang/Nudge.

“Wait, don’t I get, you know, anesthesia or something?” “Fang, where the hell would I get anesthesia from? Last time I checked, we haven’t robbed a hospital lately.” -For Meilanu- -Oneshot- -Fudge-

"Between You and Me". Max/Ari, Fang/Nudge. [Rated M]

Max wondered how she came to be in this situation, clinging to Ari like he was her last lifeline. -Oneshot- -Mari- -Minor Fudge-

"It's All Over but the Crying". Fang/Nudge.

She left her clothes in a pile on the floor, twisted with his, maybe as a memento, maybe as a picture of what was and couldn’t be again, she wasn’t sure. -Oneshot- -FangxNudge aka Fudge-

"Like You". Fang/Nudge.

He couldn’t look at her, if he did, she’d leave, vanish as if she were never there, nothing but her scent left in the breeze. -FangxNudge- -Character death- -Oneshot-

"Second Rate Imperfection". Max/Iggy, Fang/Nudge, Fang/Max.

I’ll always be secondbest, can’t quite measure up to Fang, but I’ll deal with it, because she’s Maximum Ride, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving her. -Iggy POV- -Oneshot- -Onesided Miggy- -Fudge- -Onesided Fax-

"Snow White Queen". Max/Ari.

She woke up frantic, sheets tangled around her legs, sweat dripping dangerously close to her eyes, her mouth frozen in a soundless scream. -ArixMax- -Oneshot- -Way twisted-


"Meet the Parents".

COMPLETE! Corny title, yes. It's when Iggy meets his parents, for that week period. I threw in an extra character, just to make it a little more interesting. Plus, I thought the idea of the other character was cool.

"The Vision Test".

Who's got the vision 'problems? Well, that's what this narrates. All about how it happened.

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