Break by Supergirrl

Category:Maximum Ride
Genre:Angst, Tragedy
Characters:Ari B.
Published:2007-07-14 12:49:52
Updated:2007-07-14 12:49:52
Packaged:2021-04-21 22:49:22
Summary:Ari gets a glimpse into his own future...Sequel to Watching


Hey everyone, it's me again. This is an AU(Ari isn't dead, Max and Ari aren't half-siblings), and it's a sequel to 'Watching'. Nothing else to say!


Disclaimer: I do not own Maximum Ride.

Ari was watching them, again. He'd been at this for the last two days, and even he was ready to admit that his silent viewing of Max and Fang was getting out of hand. It had almost reached the point of stalking, and Ari knew he had to leave soon.

Just not yet.

Max was asleep now, curled up against also-sleeping Fang. They would wake eventually, and try to hurry back to the Flock and pretend that they hadn't been away all night. The Flock knew, of course, but they played along with it anyway.

Ari tried to imagine being in Fang's place, lying there with an arm wrapped around Max's waist, her face pressed into his chest, hair tickling his face and neck.

It really wasn't fair.

But for now, it would have to be.

Because Ari knew, in his heart, that Max would be his, one day.

He knew what would happen once he got her. She would struggle, fight, resist him and try desperately to escape. She would curse at him and hurt him as much as she could, both physically and emotionally. Her hate would destroy him inside, but he wouldn't show it. He'd respond in the only way he knew.

Ari would break her. He knew how to break someone, mind, body, and soul, and he would do it to Max, the one he claimed to love above all else. Once he had shattered her, he could reshape her, make Max exactly what he wanted her to be.

He knew that once the time came, he wouldn't be able to control himself, and in the end, he'd completely eradicate what he loved the most about her.

Yes, he would have Max one day, but that would be a sad, sad day.