Valentine by Maiyri-Omega

Category:Maximum Ride
Characters:Jeb B., V. Martinez
Published:2008-12-27 14:30:12
Updated:2009-01-08 23:02:17
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Summary:Jeb and Val got to be Max's parents somehow. This is how they got to that horrible point. Jeb/Val, Rated T, Double drabble series.

Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1
2. Chapter 2
3. Chapter 3

1. Chapter 1


By Maiyri

(For Nathan-p)
Jeb/Val many-shot, all in double drabbles, set along their early days.
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College had been carefree in a way that life after wasn't, and they hadn't made the most of it, believing that life would always stay the way it was. Not that college life for either of them was "College Life" for anyone else, because they'd both been underaged freshmen, and underaged habits died hard.

Not that Val had ever really touched alcohol. Not that Jeb really liked the company of lots of half-drunk half-brained women with rather large breasts.

Their idea of late nights were ones spent in the libraries or labs, their drinks were filled with mind altering chemicals of the caffeine kind (although when it got really bad right before Val's Really Important Tests in her fourth year he might have spiked her coffee a few times with healthy doses of the stuff that lurked behind the books on the top shelf).

It wasn't until Jeb's final year that he realised that everyone else in his lab hated him, and that it wasn't because he was ten times more brilliant than them. They were jealous of his relationship with Val, that 'hot vet girl who's a total ice queen'. It was then that he realised what he had.

2. Chapter 2

The first year away was harder than he'd thought. The work, God, the work was more than he'd ever dreamed, the money, the resources, the technology. The work wasn't the problem. Leaving college wasn't the problem, he'd been ready for it, in a way.

Leaving Val shouldn't have felt the way it did. Spending hours wondering what she was doing, wanting to call her and knowing that she wouldn't be in her room to answer the phone. She'd be in the lab or the clinic or the library. She'd fall asleep on her books, dark curly hair spreading out over the pages like spilt ink.

He wished he was there to nudge her awake, press coffee into her hands, laugh at how hard it was and how it would all be over soon. They'd pack up together, he knew her filing and she knew his. He'd slip his coat over her shoulders as they headed out – no matter what, she always forgot hers.

They'd go back to his room, only because it was closest. She'd sleep on his bed, and even when she wasn't there he'd sleep on the couch. He missed the smell of her shampoo on the pillows.

3. Chapter 3

Thanks to all the people who have reviewed or favourited this story. You guys are awesome for that!! Anyway there's been a bit of a gap because I've been "on holiday" learning to paraglide. I'm not very good at that yet.

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Jeb/Ter Borcht – Jeborcht?


She called him the minute after she finished her exams, telling him in no uncertain terms that she was going to be arriving at his place later tonight, he was not to argue, and where did he live again?

He gave her the best directions that he could, but she still ended up lost. He ended up going out to find her, at some smoke filled hell-hole he vowed to avoid in future, and then they both got wet when it rained. He never remembered his coat.

They tumbled through his door soaked to the skin. "Lend me a shirt," she said, and Jeb couldn't say no, although he was torn between the thought of her wearing his clothes and wanting her not wearing anything at all because he knew how beautiful she was. Being gentlemanly won but only because she asked.

She dropped into his bed like always, asleep in seconds. He wondered where he should go, he didn't have a couch here. He didn't need one because she wasn't usually here and seeing couches just made him miss here more. He tucked the blanket up around her shoulders and curled up next to her, just watching her sleep.