Remember To Forget by rootlessdream

Category:Maximum Ride
Genre:Angst, Poetry
Characters:Fang, Max
Published:2009-04-24 20:45:42
Updated:2009-04-24 20:45:42
Packaged:2021-05-07 01:44:27
Summary:When it hurts to remember, what can you do but find the will to forget...

Remember To Forget

Remember To Forget

You were the greatest of them all.
A fallen hero unlike the rest.

That's what they say.
That you'll be remembered like no other.
What you saved.
What you gave up.

You knew I would be angry.
I'm furious with you.

There were other ways.
You didn't need to appoint yourself the sacrifice.
Of course, you didn't see that.
Always making the snappy decisions for immediate results.

What are we left with now?
Delusions of a past happiness.

Your memory collides with my thoughts.
Interrupts my world.
I can barely breathe.
Painfully aware of your absence.

I love you
but I wish you would go away.

I wish I could forget you.