Memory by Maiyri-Omega

Category:Maximum Ride
Characters:Fang, Max
Published:2009-07-24 04:10:08
Updated:2009-07-24 04:10:08
Packaged:2021-04-21 22:43:47
Summary:Max doesn't like to think of The School. It makes her angry. Introspective drabble, Subject: The School.



Author: Maiyri

Category: introspective oneshot

Summary: The School had marked them all.
Disclaimer: Don't own MR

Author's Note: Written in English Class, the first line just grabbed me.


Max doesn't like to think about the School. It makes her angry.

Fang thinks about the School all of the time. He pretends that he doesn't, and he just says nothing – although he knows that his silence says it all.

Iggy dreams of the School, and its colours. Even mostly white, it's all he has of sight, and he can still dream in colour. He knows about Reds and Greens and Blues, and he knows not to say anything at all.

Gazzy's eight, but he remembers being four, even if he doesn't understand it. He learnt a long time ago not to ask questions, because Max gets angry, and Fang gets quieter. Maybe when he's as old as them, he'll know as much as they do.

Angel's been sharing their nightmares for so long that she doesn't need them to dream it anymore. She doesn't know what it is that they dream of, but she doesn't, can't, ask - because that would mean explaining her dreamwalking. Max is worried enough.

Nudge was pretty at eight, and is pretty at eleven. She remembers not being Max, Fang or Iggy – not the first, or the worst, or the spare. She's seen their scars, and she can feel their pain from everything that they've touched. Fang's still got the ratty piece of paper with his name and his number.