Love Has No Place In Science by rootlessdream

Category:Maximum Ride
Genre:Poetry, Romance
Characters:Jeb B., V. Martinez
Published:2009-04-24 20:05:19
Updated:2009-04-24 20:05:19
Packaged:2021-04-04 14:55:12
Summary:The creation of a birdkid, à la Jeb and Val.

Love Has No Place In Science

Love Has No Place In Science

Lips melting like liquid silk.
Friction at the hips.
Sparks igniting, darting this way and that.
Creating life anew
from two hearts wanting more
for science.

Was there more to this than either would admit?
Surely, neither would expect the pain that would result from this encounter.
Resurfacing time and time again for years to come.
The sight of a bird's lost feather drifting midair.
Mention of any new aim to change the world.
The mere thought of each other.

But for now, moving as one, this was simply the next chapter in the plot.
Just another detail of the rising action.
They could have no idea the amount of suffering this would yield.
The lives that would be affected by the climax.
Would either of them be a part of the epilogue?

Because to them, it was much more than that.
So much more, for they hadn't followed the rules.
They brought forth the one forbidden element
that could both create
and destroy.

And it would do just that.