Finally! by Maxy Ride

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Published:2006-05-29 12:11:56
Updated:2006-05-29 12:11:56
Packaged:2021-04-22 00:52:01
Summary:Max finally confesses to Fang. Random short story, heehee.


Okay, Max. Just take your time, and stay focused.

I growled to myself. The Voice was ticking me off, as always. Voice, can't you just let me do something on my own? For once?

Max, without my counseling, you'd be quite nervous right now. My Voice replied placidly.

Before I had a chance to digress, I hear footsteps behind me. Turning, I saw Fang kicking lazily at some seaweed, guiding it towards the foam of the ocean. Taking a deep breath, I stood up. Alrighty, Voice. Watch me make you eat your words.

Tossing my hair and feeling sand freckle my neck, I approached Fang and smiled briefly. "Mornin'." I said. I felt my voice crack slightly. Oh, crap……..

Fang looked at me with his brooding eyes. "Hey." He responded, looking back out at the ocean.
I sighed, clenched my fists, then looked straight at Fang. "Look………I know that we've been friends, you could even say siblings, for all of our miserable lives."
He averted his gaze to me.

"And I'm not sure if you're aware or not, but when I yelled at you for kissing another

"Of course I was aware. You were jealous, isn't it obvious enough?"
I controlled the laugh building in my throat.
"Well, yeah. Mutants have feelings too."
Fang gave me one of his rare, face-heating smiles. He patted my shoulder. "They also have feelings for other people."
My face was growing warm. I stared at him in surprise. "You…you mean you knew…"
"It's a bit evident that you've liked me for a while. And I find that awesome."

I was too stunned for words. Fang knew I was crushing on him? Wait….I kissed him. I was jealous of another girl. I blushed at his smiles.
Ahh, man.
He was right. It IS evident.

"Wait a second….you think that me liking you is awesome?" I asked, feeling my eyes widen.
"Duh." Fang murmured, clearing his throat.

Okay, get this. I was born a fierce, deadly mutant bird girl. I've rarely ever cried, or gotten mushy and emotional.
And here I am, passionately kissing one of my best friends on a beach.

And you know what?

I find that awesome.