Broken Hearts and Life's Other Dissappointments by o0-flyinghigh-0o

Category:Maximum Ride
Genre:Angst, Hurt-Comfort
Characters:Fang, Max
Published:2009-08-31 05:19:14
Updated:2009-08-31 05:19:14
Packaged:2021-05-07 02:37:27
Summary:Just a drabble I wrote. It's intended as Max's POV with one-sided Fax and implied Figgy, but it's really open to interpretation. No swearing, sex or any of that bad stuff. The title may also be slightly more melodramatic than required. R&R plz.

Broken Hearts and Life's Other Dissappointments

Here's a drabble for you. 'Tis Max's POV, on Figgy, though you could interpret it some other way if you wish.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, especially not MR. Oh, if only I did though…


You promised you'd always love me, hold me, keep me warm at night. So why am I sitting here alone, shivering in the fading light?

Where did we go wrong? What signs did I fail to see? How is it that you're kissing him, instead of kissing me?

Was it all a game to you? Was any of it true? Would you care that my heart's in tatters? That it still belongs to you?

A tear rolls down my cheek, and you can't wipe it away. Who am I supposed to turn to now that you're causing all the pain?