Behind The Scenes by One Eye001

Category:Maximum Ride
Genre:Sci-Fi, Suspense
Published:2009-05-10 19:30:57
Updated:2009-07-15 13:43:03
Packaged:2021-04-04 14:48:58
Summary:This is about what Maximum Ride "really" is. Basically to explain the plot holes in Maximum Ride.

Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1
2. Chapter 2

1. Chapter 1

Chapter one

I felt Jeb's eyes on me as I paced Dr. Valencia Martinez's kitchen. Valencia was out with Ella and Jeb and I were here.

Jeb was my uncle and the only family member I was currently in touch with. Since my mom, the director of itex had gone into hiding.

" Brigid, it's going to work out," Jeb said comfortingly.

But I couldn't be satisfied with empty promises.

" No it's not!" I almost screamed. " Ever since this rebellion started, people are being hunted. Scientists."

Jeb's face looked a little hurt. " You know it's the only way to stop him and to protect the experiments."

" This is not enough! All we're doing is work for him! It doesn't protect the experiments, it delays him from wanting them!" I protested.

" We are still in Max's head. Our guidance system is working." Jeb pointed out.

" Who knows how long it will be until Max starts ignoring the 'voice'?" I complained, tears growing hot in my eyes and dripping down my cheeks. " The rebellion isn't working."

The rebellion was a group of scientist that 'pretended' to obey his orders. He, as in the one who started itex, he was controlling everything. The rebellion had been around for almost a decade, but ever since he found out about the experiments at the school, Jeb had to let them go.

It was safest for the experiments and it was the best we could do.

" You have an idea?" He asked, knowing what was in my head.

" Yes." I answered swiftly, wiping my tears. " Mr. Chu."

" Mr. Chu?" He asked, confused.

" Mr. Chu knows something!" I explained. " He knows him, and I've got to try to get Mr. Chu to help us."

" If your caught-" Jeb started.

" That's a risk I have to make." I said, " For science."

Jeb looked at me as if this was his fault. But, instead of making a sad remark, his brain took over.

" You know him best," He agreed after a few seconds.

Then I heard Jeb's cellphone ring.

He dug his phone out of his pocker and flipped it open.

" Hello?" He answered.

All I heard for a minute was fast muttering and Jeb flip his phone shut.

"The flock is coming here." He quickly explained.

"So...should I get going?" I asked.

"No," He said sighing, "I'll tell Val you're here."

2. Chapter 2

It turned out I couldn't stay at the house anyway. I had to meet someone in a limo in an hour and I couldn't be late, or we'd lose our chance.

I walked hurriedly down the stairs; it was very nerve-racking, seeing Mr. Chu again. I self-consciously moved my now red hair, sort of missing the blonde. I straightened my suit, and smiled to make sure there was nothing in my teeth.

After examining every visible part of my body I was ready. I carefully walked outside; making sure not to trip on my heels.

In about two minutes a black limo appeared in front of my house. It was time; my heart started to race.

I opened the door with sweaty palms.

" Mr. Chu." I said in greeting.

" Brigid." He said and nodded once.

" I need you're help." I said looking forward.

" I don't have much time to attend to family business like this. Tell me what you need help with." He said harshly.

" I need you to keep the chip!" I explained.

" No! Brigid, you can't involve yourself with this mess!" He quickly said.

" I don't have a choice." I muttered, " The school employees and experiments, they need to be safe again."

" They can't be safe!" Mr. Chu disagreed.

" Yes. If we stop him!" I retorted.

" Hiding the chip won't stop him." He said taking off his sunglasses.

" It'll delay him, until we can figure out a plan." I explained.

" We?" He questioned.

" Fine! I. I will figure out this on my own." I exploded, " I will rely on every favor I have. I will protect the lives that the school endangered. I will do this with no help from my step father."

" Okay. How are we going to transport the chip?" He asked.

" Valencia Martinez offered assistance." I said.

He raised his eyebrows.

" A fake kidnapping." I explained.